The Saturday with a Silly Heading

Rather such-a-stupid heading!

I seriously need to take a crash course on how to give good headings to my post :roll:. Many a time I have had to chuck my thoughts in the trash because I have been rather unskillful of packaging them with a good heading. Like now.

I had so many things running through my mind today to share it here, but by the time I got here to jot them down, I went blank, because I didnt have a suitable heading in mind to start it off with. I can be weird that way. I cannot write a post until I have a title ready. It IS weird, isnt it? Now if you know what you want to write, if you have a fair idea about the content your post is to have, it shouldn’t be difficult to transfer all those words in your mind on to your page, right, unless you are attacked by a ghastly writer’s block. Isn’t it stupid to just wait for a good heading to hit you right in the head to get you started onto something which you already know the beginning of? Confused, eh? Well, don’t be. All I’m saying is that I act stupid sometimes 😛

I do believe that a good heading is the essence of an article or blogpost in my case. But I feel crippled at times when I get adamant on thinking of a title first before starting to write.

How’s it with you all? Do you get the title in place first or just start writing right away and then let the title take shape as the post progresses?

Day 23- The art of saying NO


Babies are exposed to this two letter puny word from the time they learn to crawl! When they crawl at break-neck speed to get hold of that dear beloved mobile phone of their mums and dump it in the trash can; or run to the kitchen and pull a jar of flour out of the shelf and topple it over themselves ; or keep dropping a spoon or a fork or coaster or a book down each time their parents pick it up for them; or find a pebble  fascinating enough to take it straight to their mouth, the one word that warrants an instant reaction is NO. The word that reverberates through their growing up years.  And that becomes one of the first words they learn to say. NO.

And just when they learn, they grow up. And then they are told entirely otherwise. Never to say no.  To always offer a hand of help, even when they can sense that they are being taken for a ride.

How ironic is that!