Day 16- Wordless Wednesday

Since words are on an indefinite strike I thought I will go wordless.

Some pictures that I clicked while taking a walk today.

Let me offer you all these views as a thank you, especially to my fellow blogathon-ers, for not letting me give up. For being there. For giving the push. This is what I have loved the most by far about this blogathon. This handholding that binds us, keeping us from tripping. And this is what makes me never give up on blogging ❤

Did I say words were on a strike?! 😉

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Day 5- Decisions…

They are so deceptive.

At one glance, they look easy. You feel as if you have a complete hold on them. And then when you sit and ponder over, they get more and more difficult to tame.

I don’t know if it’s the right time to share here. Because we haven’t reached any headway in our decision, so it’s premature still. But since this is where I put my thoughts down when I can’t put elsewhere, I guess it’s only natural that I do so.

We have been mulling over bringing home a pet for quite some time. A pet dog to be precise because it’s Namnam’s wish and a wish that R completely backs because he is a dog lover to the core. As for me I have no real preference because I have never considered myself an animal person.

I know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Making a decision to raise a pet is no joke. It’s a huge step. Probably even as huge as the one I took when R&I decided to have Namnam.

So when Namnam expressed a wish to get a pet, even though it seemed like a natural progression and a simple one at that to make, R & I have been a little jittery.

Funnily though the dog lover of the family and the only one who has grown up with dogs as his best friend all through is the more jittery of us, while I have rather been carried away by our girl’s yearning which has been getting stronger by the day.

So you can imagine the scenario here. The more practical the more sensible member of the family is already running the risk of being run over by the other two chronically emotional members.

While I completely understand when R says that having a pet at home would entail a big responsibility, it may hit our social life in a big way, we may even feel curtailed to travel as often as we do since that would mean sending your pet to a pet care center which is an exorbitant option here. Not to mention a scenario when we will have families staying over. Will they be able to cope well? He has all the valid points. It IS a huge responsibility. Yet I find myself wondering what if it does work out. We wouldn’t know how well we can cope until we do tread that path and try, right.

And then again a worrying thought creeps in..what if it doesn’t work out? What if I don’t warm up to the kid? Because all said n done I, more than anyone, have to spend a good part of the day with him/her.

I really don’t know when it will all fall in place. There are so many things that we have to consider before we take that plunge finally and it might even overturn our lives completely.

Right then a friend sends a pic of the most adorable thing looking in hope of finding a home and I realize how much I want this to work out for my girl’s sake more than anything.

Maybe there is a pup out there who’s waiting to accept us in his/her life…


With trembling hands and a jittery mind…Day 1

is set rolling.

Yes. Day 1 of the NaBloPoMo.

Yes yes, the very dangerous game where you are to blog daily for one whole month! Oh the very term gives me shivers, to be honest. I have never had a very favourable equation with the game, you know. Much as the prospect of expressing yourself, scribbling your flowing thoughts down sounds attractive and incredibly exciting, the counter-prospect of what if your thoughts get clogged enough never to make it to your blog is terribly nerve-racking too. And going by track record with challenges like this, and how erratic my blogging has been in general, the latter prospect seems more likely to happen. Add to that a busy month with your family visiting, an exciting stint at volunteering waiting to unfold, not to forget, sitting and chomping your kid’s head off with your non-stop bickering!

Yet here I am, back testing the waters again. Why, you may ask. Well, for one if you have friends like Swaram, with her infectious energy to get everyone kicked up, even kicking everyone in the process to join in, you are bound to get pulled in. Also if you have friends like Sags, who’s holding you at gunpoint from the other end of the phone all the way from India or wherever she is gallivanting about and persuading you with her emotional dialogues, to join in you, don’t have much choice left, do you? Now you don’t want your Diwali to end with a shot bursting through your telephone and hitting your head, right 😉

So when you see them so charged up, in no time, you are taken back to those good old days when blogging was a norm in your life. Just like any other routine. Where there was always a hunger to share. To let your words speak for yourself.

This time around too the hope is to do just that. To resurrect my blog, to give it a steady flow. goes my first post. And what better day than today. The day when Kerala was born. The soil where this Delhi mallu girl’s roots lie.

Happy Kerala Piravi Dinam to all my fellow Malayalis out there!

And a Happy Diwali to all, belated though. Hope you all had a sparkling start to the year 🙂

One year round-up!

Yes its been an year since our move to Dubai. And like the clichéd statement goes, time has simply flown! It is true. It’s been a roller-coaster year. So much so, as I was telling a friend, it feels as though we have been here much longer because so much has happened in the last one year!

The first month of our arrival whished past in house hunting. Believe me, much as the whole prospect of finding that right house was exciting, the process of hopping from one prospective house to the other, each time utterly dissatisfied, making us unsure of what we were looking for, was every bit daunting too. But, in the end when we did zero in on a house, we realized that the key was not in finding the right house, but turning the house into a home just right for you!

What made our transition far easier was Namnam. She was the first one to adapt to the move. And adapt, she did, beautifully! *touchwood*. She took to this place so well that I felt driven to chuck my own resistance to move on. Yes, she did miss her life back in Doha, but she didn’t allow that to come in the way of a new life that was waiting to unfold right here.

She welcomed different ways to occupy herself. She learned to skate-board.  She enrolled in a drama workshop, that provided her a new avenue to open up and express herself.

Of course it helped that she found this lovely girl for a neighbour on the very second day of shifting, who made adjusting to the new surrounding even smoother for her. Today, she is one of Namnam’s dearest friends. And it’s endearing to watch them both looking out for each other and helping each other blossom into wonderful beings.

Barely a month later, Namnam & I flew off to Delhi, since there was still time for Namnam’s school session to start. While Delhi was unbearably hot, we could sneak out for a couple of days to the himalayas with our parents. A memorable getaway in every bit of the way!

*Edited to add that, while in Delhi, I had the good fortune of meeting another one of my dear blogger friends, the very famed Monika, a baker par excellence. You can find her spinning tales of her baking delicacies on Sin-A-Mon Tales. Though both of us were on a tight schedule, I’m so so glad that we could meet up 🙂

We got back in Dubai in time to give a go at a fresh start to the school routine. While Namnam was excited about it, I had butterflies doing salsa in my tummy with obvious anxiety that gave way to some words of advice for my li’l big girl!

Soon after, it was time to celebrate the li’l big girl turning 8. She had already made some friends in the compound and in the class. It was a good chance for her to know them better. So we had them over for an evening filled with some rocket launching, jaw-dropping chemical reactions, bottle popping and slime-making!

The month after that was the month of Eid which brought us the best ‘Eidi’ we could ever ask for, when our friends from Doha decided to pay us a surprise visit.

Once the b’day and Eid hangover settled down, it was time to welcome my father-in-law. The one month that he was with us was spent in taking him around the city all the while giving him a taste of my “enviable” navigation skill! Read it here if you don’t believe me 😀

As the year drew to a close, I also had a chance to reunite with 2 of my batchmates from school. It felt great to revive friendships and relive memories that went as far back as 2 decades and plus!

Speaking of friendship, the year was also about getting together with 3 of my blogger friends with their families. Rakesh, Ash & Vimmuuu. It was an evening  filled with laughter, poking fun and of course music. C’mon where there’s Vimmuuu, there has to be music, right!

I’m finding it a bit weird to call them blogger friends because, for one, their blogging accounts are more or less shut and frozen; secondly  the bond that has connected all of us now has grown much beyond blogging, and for that I couldn’t be gladder! 🙂

The new year had me realize a much cherished dream. To have my parents visit us together. The month of February was one of the best months this year! I can’t express in words the sense of fulfillment I experienced while Achan-Amma came visiting. Here’s wishing and hoping I get to have them over more often now..

Edited again to mention another special moment of this year(Amma, thank you for pointing out the absent-minded skip in the post), when my cousin and his family came visiting. Although we are third generation cousins, we were very close while growing up. Still are. He is my one and only older brother, so to speak. And we always stayed connected and kept each other updated on each other’s lives. Yet, funnily, it took some 12 years for me to meet his wife and kids when they came over to spend a weekend with us, a couple of months ago! It was a good occasion to explain our family tree to Namnam, the bond all of us cousins shared in our growing up years. Moments like this make me wish I could hold on to them always 🙂

Oh and yes, in the midst of all this, I managed to get my car banged and even get penalised for wrongful parking! Oh both are two separate incidents BTW.

I was at a traffic signal waiting for the red to go green, when all of a sudden a car rammed into mine from behind. Although I could get away with just a slight dent, but the other car suffered a major blow. And the man on the wheel, with another blow to his wallet as he ended up paying a hefty fine.  Fortunately Namnam wasn’t with me at the time, so she was spared from any harm from the massive impact. Thank God for that!

The second incident was when I was out with Namnam and Ash on a chocolatey date. I was so excited about the prospect of having chocolate that I didn’t bother to check whether I had to pay to park at the parking lot. Result, I got slapped a ticket!

This year also had us zoom off on a couple of road trips exploring beyond the city of Dubai . One of the trips was thanks to Rakesh who had organized a New Year bash in Umm al Qwain, where he had the dubious honour of getting me drunk beyond comprehension!

It’s been an exciting school year for Namnam. Academically she has had a smooth switch over. She got to take part in a school production of The Wizard of Oz, where she played the role of the wicked witch of the west.

She went for an overnight camping trip from school which was a first for her. She has given a recount of it here. Not to mention the 1 lunch box, 2 hats, 3 water bottles and umpteen pencils and erasers(and still going strong) that she has lost in this year! 😉

We could even make a flying visit to Doha last month and have the most wonderful weekend with our friends there.

And now here we are, back in Dubai again, looking to stay another year in the city and maybe another year and another..

So if one is to ask us , how has it been so far? I’d say, so far so good 🙂