Thursday Challenge- 4 ( NaBloPoMo- Take 9)

Today’s theme for Thursday Challenge
“PETS” (Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish,…)

Let me introduce you all to Bronco who is technically my parents’ pet but Namnam insists he is hers instead :). Although he has been around for about 8years, I never got a chance to introduce him for formally. Thanks to this week’s theme I can do that now.


I have never grown up with pets around so when my parents called up one fine day, some 8years back, to tell us that one of their friends’ pet had given birth to a pup and that they had decided to bring him home and raise him, I was a bit taken aback. For two reasons. One, while I was happy that they had found a reason to keep themselves occupied, I was not sure how well they will take this new role and new addition in their nest.

Second being, I was petrified of dogs! And a prospect of being welcomed by a pup-growing-up-to-be-a-ferocious-dog during my visits home meant entering the house with reasonable amount of palpitations and shivers! Anyway I decided to keep my palpitations and shivers to myself so long as I could see how thrilled my parents were to have Bronco in their life. Especially my father.

My father, has always been a dog-loving person. Whenever we visited homes of friends who had dogs as pets, while my mother & I preferred to sit as far away from the dogs as possible with both our legs perched on the sofas, my father and brother could spend hours playing with them. Oh yes, my brother, too is a huge dog-lover.

So it was only natural that my father welcomed Bronco with open arms. And surprisingly my mother too accepted him lovingly. So much so that they would talk to him as though a parent would talk to his/her son. With all the cuddly words and pamperings and even addressing themselves as ‘Achan’ and ‘Amma’.

I remember how petrified I was the first time I went home after Bronco’s arrival. I had convinced myself that I was going to get bitten or scratched or ‘dog-handled’, but was pleasantly surprised when all he did was just sniff me and meekly give me way to enter home. I still couldnt gather enough courage to fondle him though or go near him but it was a welcoming introduction :).

However whats hard to miss though is his devotion for my parents, especially my father. When I see my father doting on him and tending to his minutest needs, I realize theres so much of love and affection involved in that relationship.

So heres to Bronco!