To see something in everything…Day 2

Phew! Finally here, a good 2 hours late.

I had planned to be here at about 8, right after I had packed Namnam & R to school and office respectively. Because then I would have some quietness and the laptop all to myself. I had the perfect plan to perch myself in front of my comp and start tapping some letters to make a post. In fact between yesterday from the moment the publish button for Day 1 post was clicked and today I must have cooked up some 100 prompts in my mind to write about.

As Rekha so rightly observed in her post, its funny how a blogging marathon can make us sit up and look at everything that comes our way as a probable fodder for post! There was a post sticking out of that line of ants which went marching past me ; the spilt milk cried out loud for a chance to grace my blog ; even the biggest news about a certain news anchor calling it quits had a prompt LOUD enough to befit a blogpost!

But whats equally funny, in my case, is when I get down to turning all those prompts into a full fledged post, they all come crumbling down to nothing.

See now for instance, I started out with a grand plan to tell you all how and why I got late in logging in here. But as always dragged on with the hows, with no sight of the whys. So let me get to the why before I lose you to sleep.

As I geared up to kick start the second day of the marathon, a friend dropped by for a quick hello. Once she left, the computer beckoned again, and this time I got lost in a pool of pictures of an adventure camp that Namnam had been to last week. So a good hour or more was spent looking through those 1000+ pictures, trying to spot my kid, doing a jig each time she was spotted and then sharing them with the rest of the family back home.

Then once that was sorted, I closed all the tabs, kept my phone far away with Whatsapp/Facebook/Twitter temporarily gagged (at the risk of gasping for my own breath), so there’s no room for any further distraction, and landed here and spent another 2 hours to cook up a non-post, which is what you have just read. Now off I go in pursuit of some fodder for tomorrow.

Before I sign out, a peek into what my li’l camper was up to last week…

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My first camping field trip to Umm Al Qwain

Hi, I would like to tell you all about my school camping trip . This should tell you what my overnight field trip was like. I hope you enjoy my blog. Have fun!! – Namya

Day 1
Let me start with the bus trip. We were divided in four groups right before we boarded. I was in group four.

I sat with my group. After a while, I took out my book to entertain myself. I must have read for what seemed like five to ten minutes, when my friend Salinaa, a girl in my class, remembered that she had some dice and suggested we make a game or two. We played one of the games we “invented” for a while, but got bored after sometime, so we just sat there without doing anything.

We reached Umm Al Qwain by noon. Then we arranged our bags on the pavement.

Mr Ham, our PE coach and Ms. Gul, our activity teacher introduced us to our instructors.
They also gave us a briefing about the camp. Then we had free time when we were allowed to play outside with the sports equipment Mr Ram, the assistant PE teacher had brought with him.

After that, we had our room assignments. The girls and the boys buildings were separated. Later, once we got comfortable, we went to have lunch. I was really hungry which was very unusual since I’m never really hungry! I had a chicken burger, some French fries and some nuggets and a pack of juice.

After lunch we went swimming. There were too many of us so we had to be split into groups again. At the pool, groups one and two went first then it was the turn of three and four. When it was my group’s turn, Mr Ham jumped in the pool and everyone of us climbed on his shouler and we jumped into the pool too, squealing!

Then it was time to change for the dry land activities. Again we were separated by groups. The last two groups which were three and four had archery, low ropes and team building. These two groups were split into two groups. But first everyone did archery which was like an archery CLASS. Then we went to the team building area. Again we split into two groups. This time it was random.

I was in team building the first time. We had to do lots of exercises that required team work.
After that the other team came back from their activity and we swapped. So then we did low ropes. It was like an obstacle course where one of your team members did the course and the others stood beside watching.

After that it was free time. Later on it was time for dinner and again I was starving.

For dinner I had pasta with ketchup,nuggets, and some chocolate milk.  Then it was the talent show. I planned to do gymnastics with Salinaa. There was this Wendy act done by Aanya and her group which was hilarious! They won the first prize!!

After that it was bed time. There were two other girls, apart from Salinaa in my room, Olivia and Sofia who are good friends now. We talked well past the lights were off! Olivia and Salinaa were talking and stayed up late but not as late as me. I stayed up till 5:30!!

Day 2

When I woke up we had to straight away get to packing. I had packed all my stuff before I went to sleep so in the morning I just had to pack my sleeping bag before breakfast but it took me a long time before I could finish. So I was a little late for breakfast but I eventually made it.  I had cereal, toast, sausages and an egg. After that it was time for the next round of activities. My group had high ropes and team building scheduled for the day.

Team building was first where we did some fun activities. We had to get tangled up with the people in our group and the first group to get untangled was the winner. Then we were given some tubes and a ball. We had to get the ball to the other side of the field by rolling the ball through the tubes and when both the groups joined together we were able to get the ball to the other side.

After that we had high ropes. There were two sections. The first one was called the leap of faith. We had to climb up a ladder and then we would jump down while everyone else would pull the rope and the person who was jumping would not hit the wall.

Next was the bigger one. It was like a huge zip line that went all the way over to the other side of the field. Then we would stop right in the middle and another instructor would help us get back down. The zip line was really fast. And I enjoyed this particular activity the most!

After that it was time for lunch. Then we had to quickly get on the bus to head back. I checked one last time in my bag to see if I had packed everything. To my dismay I couldn’t find my library book and thought I had lost it. I was so upset that I began to cry as I realized how my mother would have to pay a fine if we couldn’t return the book.

I couldn’t search for much longer as we were getting late for our journey back. So our instructor assured me that if she found the book she would certainly inform my school.

Later I fell asleep in the bus. I woke up when the bus stopped at the petrol station. I wanted to wash my face but I used wet wipes.

Then we reached school by 230. My mother was waiting for me and to my surprise she didn’t scold me when I told her about the book. She even had a solution to the problem. She said we could buy another copy of the book and give it to the library as a replacement.

I reached home I checked my bag again and there I found my book! I was happy that I didn’t lose any of the things I had taken to the camp!

It was such a fun trip!!!!!!!!!!!