Day 23- The art of saying NO


Babies are exposed to this two letter puny word from the time they learn to crawl! When they crawl at break-neck speed to get hold of that dear beloved mobile phone of their mums and dump it in the trash can; or run to the kitchen and pull a jar of flour out of the shelf and topple it over themselves ; or keep dropping a spoon or a fork or coaster or a book down each time their parents pick it up for them; or find a pebble  fascinating enough to take it straight to their mouth, the one word that warrants an instant reaction is NO. The word that reverberates through their growing up years.  And that becomes one of the first words they learn to say. NO.

And just when they learn, they grow up. And then they are told entirely otherwise. Never to say no.  To always offer a hand of help, even when they can sense that they are being taken for a ride.

How ironic is that!


Sunday 22- Composition

Frankly I didn’t really understand what this theme meant. The very first thing that I associated the term with was music. I thought the theme required me to share a picture of some kind of music composition in process or some such thing. Then I happened to read a post by Fat Mum Slim where she had explained the theme in detail and I understood that the topic had nothing to do with composing music whatsoever! Yup, I can be dumb too sometimes!

However, I have read the post a couple of times and more, browsed through some of the pics that other participants have shared, yet I’m none the wiser. So I’m just going to post a pic based on whatever little idea I have got from reading up on it. From what I understand the picture to be shared has to have a particular object in focus. In my case here, the white flower..


This is the last picture-post from me in response to this week’s Photo a Day Challenge 2015.


On another note, what would you call two fat people having a chat?

Well, the answer doing rounds of What’s App where this forward is passing on is- A heavy discussion.

But, the answer that the quick-witted child of the house had up her sleeve was- Parents!


Saturday 21- Old+New


This is an endless predicament if you ask me, to decide whether old rules or new. Whenever a topic on kindle is raised, it comes attached with a debate over its prominence vis a vis paperbacks. But then I wonder why should it be a thing to decide, eh? Books of any kind, any version should and must rule, irrespective of how we get to read them. Whether paper bound or electronically bound, a book is a book is a book!

I cant’t believe that I am saying this, because when e-readers had started to gain ground, I was one of those who had resisted them. But now, with the old and new managing to co-exist wonderfully so far, I can see myself embracing my Kindle and my paperbacks with both my arms alike!

Having said that, with the rapid change in the environment for the worse, I shudder to admit that gradually the use of paper may dwindle with the moving times. Which makes it even more of a need to enjoy this very moment of co-existence while it lasts.

Posted in response to Photo a Day Challenge 2015 by Fat Mum Slim