From one house to another

Dear New House,

I know you are all set to welcome your new family. And very excited too. But I cant even begin to tell you how sad it makes me to see them leave( and a bit jealous too). With so many constructions happening around and the building in which I am set heading for one too, I knew this day was to come. After all I cant expect them to endure the blaring construction sounds like I do! I can still withstand the nuisance as I’m made of cement and bricks! They are mere humans.

However, today when I see them pack and get ready to move out, I find it very hard to accept that they will no longer be staying with me. They will no longer be MY family. Although that doesnt make me love them any less. And I know they will not stop loving me too.

I was a mere house when they came to reside here. With their love and care they turned me into a home. They infused life and soul into me with their memories and beautiful moments. The most prominent being the one where R&D first discovered they were going to become parents. I remember how excited, overwhelmed and thrilled they were. I was as elated as them. I was so happy for them!

I’m witness to the moment when R came back from office and shared the news of his promotion to D and N. I’m witness to the moment when D first got her license and she was jumping around telling the world about it. I’m witness to the day when Namnam started going to school. I remember how lonely D felt that day with Namnam finally stepped out of her cocoon. I remember feeling as lonely!

I know I have not always given them cheerful moments. Like when I decided to grow some pests like cockroaches, ants and flies, I remember how angry they were at me. The teeth-gritting, the fist-punching are still fresh in my memory. It was only when I let them get rid of those pests that peace was restored!

I shudder to think what would have been the scenario if I had decided to grow rats!! 🙄

Every time the building lift acted up and they had to climb 5 floors up to come to me, I could feel the curses amidst all the heavy-panting of breaths directed straight towards me. Or when the shower-rod broke or the water-pipe leaked or the kitchen shelf-handle popped out, the furious glares were hard to miss.

But at the end of the day what made the difference was that I was still a part of their life. I was still looked after and much cared for. And I know how much I mean to them for all the wonderful time they had while they lived with me. Even when they are packing and getting ready to go now I know they will miss me just as bad as I will.

Today when they are on the way to come to you, I wish they like you instantly and are able make as many beautiful memories as they did with me. BTW, if R tells you that he and Namnam are the saner and more adorable of the three of them, dont believe him. With time you’ll realize soon enough that D is as sane and as adorable, if not more!! ( Oh, no I’m not being prompted by D or anyone to say this, believe me, this is my own observation 😛 )

Oh and yes, let me warn: DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT GIVING THEM A HARD TIME. I’m right across the street, so I’ll be watching you.

With all the best wishes

Old House