Commonwealth G(Sh)ames!

Yes, thats what the Commonwealth Games,one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world, seems to be turning into- a BIG shame. And all because of a bunch of power-hungry and corrupt people who have been dubiously claiming to run our country.

I was ecstatic and immensely proud, when I got to know, a few years back, that my country was going to host the event in 2010, and even prouder upon knowing that Delhi, the city where I was born and bred and which I love with all my heart, was where the Games was going to be held.

But the last few months, that is, ever since the news about the shoddy handling of the CWG project has bee doing the rounds, have had me anything but feel proud.

I was in Delhi last month. And despite finding the entire city dug up with piles and piles of muck and garbage at every other corner, I did have a small tinge of hope that things will be fine as we drew in closer to the start of the games.

But when reports of misappropriation of funds, of mishandling of this project by our very own politicians started emerging,the very hope began to dwindle.

And the last two days, in particular have had me go through a gamut of emotions, none of which is happy in nature, by the way.

I’m furious, depressed, frustrated, saddened to see the organizers handle this project so callously thereby tarnishing my country’s image in front of the whole world.

With the Commonwealth Federation terming the Athletes Village as “filthy and uninhabitable”, an under-construction foot over-bridge near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium collapsing, causing grave injuries to people, athletes from different parts of the world either withdrawing their participation or delaying their arrival, with grave concerns of security growing, I’ve never felt so embarrassed as an Indian.

10 more days to go for the Games to start and it seems there’s still a lot of work to be finished. Even though our leaders are insisting that the Games will be one of the most successful ever, yet going by the photographs that are being circulated across the web, of the conditions of the games village, I really dont know what to expect.

The BBC has put up images on its website showing conditions inside rooms at the Athletes Village .

I’m forced to wonder if this is why we elect our leaders. If this is why we trust them. If this is why we pay our taxes. So that they can stuff our hard-earned money in their own pockets and squander the country’s resources with no accountability whatsoever?

Our country may have got freedom from the British and even found her way to be a part of the Commonwealth Nations. But has she freed herself from the vicious web of corruption, malfeasance, red-tapism? NO. Will she ever? I hope so. As the saying goes ‘Hope costs nothing’. So lets hope.

Last week has been very hectic, and I’ve hardly been blogging. But the happenings in the last two days have affected me so much that I couldn’t help myself from jotting a few thoughts down. Just had to take it out of my system! Phew!