This day that year!

HE is calm.He is cool-headed.He is reserved,an introvert.He is a man of few words.He takes his time to open up with people.But when he does,he silences everyone with his insightful thoughts.He is well-read, opinionated.He has lived all his life based on his principles.He still doesnt compromise on them.His principles are what his children always look upto him for.

He may not have a vast circle of friends,but the few he has are placed on a high pedestal and cherished for life.

He is not an overtly emotional person.He is practical.In fact he brands himself as being calculative.He believes in thinking ahead of the situations and making alternate propositions.Despite this,at times his emotions overpower him when his children come into picture.Else how can one explain a person who had to reprimand his daughter,many years back,for a very grave mistake she did and when sent to her room to ponder over the mistake,the very next minute he was sitting in a corner crying uncontrollably for the harsh punishment he had to give much against his wish?

He is not very expressive,yet has the unique ability to make his wife feel immensely special in the most unexpected manner.

SHE is friendly,an extrovert.She is talkative,with words flowing out of her.She is an orator.Teaching is her passion not just a profession.

She is strong-willed.If she sets her mind on doing something,she will make sure she accomplishes it.She is honest and doesnt believe in condescending to any kind of arguments if she knows she is right. She has strong values in her life which have been instilled in her children too.

She is a romantic at heart,a true Piscean!She is expressive,emotional.She values her friendships and relationships very dearly.She is an anchor to her children and students alike.She is always ready to give advices when needed,always willing to offer her shoulders to anyone in despair.

Her heart and soul lie with her family.There’s nothing that takes precedence over them.

HE&SHE,despite being so different from each other,having varied interests and characteristics,after more than 3decades of travelling together,have learnt to compliment each other perfectly well.They have learnt to love each other more and more despite their weaknesses.They have learnt to appreciate their common interests,yet acknowledge and respect each other’s differences of opinion.They have learnt to weave life around their two children and strengthen their relationship even further.

And they are still learning!

Today,when my country appreciates and honours all the teachers, my brother & I dedicate the day to the two people who brought us into this world.The two people because of whom we are what we are.The two people who are our strength & weakness alike.

Have a great day,Achan&Amma!

Happy Anniversary

PS: A Happy Teacher’s Day to all the esteemed teachers!