November is here- Day 1

So its the first day of the month. First day of the week. Sizeable part of the world may still be on a weekend mode I know. Some may even be trying to crack a code, to turn a Monday into a Sunday too! But here in this part of the world. the weekend is well behind us. There’s nothing worth scribbling at the moment, aside the fact that the summer has started to get milder by the day. Days have begun to get shorter.

Mr Sun which, till a couple of weeks ago, used to be up and about by 4 in the morning in all his fiery glory, nowadays keeps himself snuggled up in the cool cocoon of the skies till as late as 6! I’m not complaining one bit though. I have been waiting for this time throughout the year. And now that it’s here I’m going to make myself feel even better and happier and believe that summer is out and over for the next couple of months. Although, for the Delhiite in me, there’s nothing called winter here, but the coming months will definitely chill the senses as a worthy substitute. I cant wait to enjoy that. A slight nip in the air is already being felt.  Early mornings and evenings have become pleasant. The roundabouts and pavements have started to look beautiful and refreshing with new blooms in sight. A lot of homes have said their goodbyes to summer plants and welcomed some winter plants in their gardens. I have brought home some new plants too to maintain the refreshing change in the season.

Hopefully this little space of mine will get some watering and sunshine too in the form of some posts and updates. *Stops typing and crosses her fingers*