Ten on Tuesday- 1 (NaBloPoMo- Take 7)

I was pondering over what to post today when I remembered that Shilpa had mentioned about Ten on Tuesday. So here it goes. Thank you, Shilpa for this, because if not for Ten on Tuesday I would have been in a real soup where my NaBloPoMo innings is concerned :).

Ten things I look forward to doing this summer

– Heading off to an equally summery abode- my city, Delhi πŸ˜€

– Spending some cuddly time with my parents.

– Gorging on ripe, sweet juicy, lip-smacking mangoes( get ready all you safedas & dasehris, here I come!!)

– Sipping cold coffees from Dpaul’s

– Opening the freezer-door of the fridge on a hot sweaty day, to a nice cool chilling blow of air on your face.

– Enjoying a guilt-free Triple Sundae from Nirula’s

– Watching Namnam take the garden-hose out and run to the terrace to water the plants and instead splash water all over herself!

– Sitting in a park-bench, reading a book while watching Namnam play with her friends. Now this may look too ordinary an activity to you all, but it is something I really am looking forward to because I dont get to do this here in the scorching heat 😦

– Taking Namya to a waterpark. Now I would have chosen beaches on an ideal situation but since Delhi doesnt have any I plan to take her to the next best option which is the waterpark. I have to find out if there are any though. So if any of you know of any do let me know. Your help will be much appreciated πŸ™‚

– Shopping, visiting some temples, meeting friends and relatives.

Autumn Pleasures-part2

When Solilo published a post to welcome Autumn in her life,she made us all reminisce about its significance in our own lives.The post made me nostalgic,for sure,but it also left me envious because all I was getting to see in my part of the world,was slight breeze in the evenings and early sunsets to signal a departure from the scorching summer.

So to cheer myself up,I decide to go on a nostalgic trip of my own and bring out a post about what I associate the season with.Hence a ‘Part2’! Thank you,Sols,for the suggestion.

courtesy Google Image
courtesy Google Image

Autumn, to me, is about:

1.Listening to the sounds of migratory birds and rushing out to see them fly high up in the sky signalling the arrival of winter.

2.Father and I announcing the arrival with a new-found fervor,to mother & brother who would be sulking at the thought of having to wait for 6 whole months for summer.

3.Taking Razais(quilts),Sweaters,Stockings,Mufflers & Shawls out of divans and putting them out in the sun.

4.Gorging on boiled kappas(tapioca) with spicy,finger-licking green chilly chutney prepared by Amma,over a cup of hot tea on a chilly evening!

5.Achan waking me and brother to get ready for school/college with a loud call out from his room,while he stayed in bed snuggling up cosily inside the quilt to catch up on that last 5 minutes sleep…God,how annoyed we would be that Amma allowed such injustice to prevail in the house!!

6.Waiting for the school-bus on a sleepy-foggy day with zero-visibility and feeling wee-bit disappointed at sighting the bus’ bumper light suddenly glaring out of the fog…it meant another ‘chutti’ went down the drain!

7.Greeting friends with puffs of fog-smoke!The more fierce you could let out the smoke on each other’s face,the tougher you were considered!!

8.Rushing to the terrace,when the sun is out,spreading out the cane mat and enjoying the season with my favourite book in hand.

9.Walking from Mandi House to Canning Road or from Chanakyapuri to Dhaula Kuan with soft,cool breeze brushing my face all through making me feel fresh as ever.

10.Last,but never the least,its pure bliss.Its about feeling happy,gay,romantic,going on long drives with my beloved sitting right beside me and beautiful soulful music playing in the car.

Namnam is yet to experience autumn and winter in the true sense of the word.Although winter,here,is not as intense as it is in India,Europe or the Americas,it,still,is enjoyable.

Heres hoping she gets to enjoy and savour the season in her own way this year.

That’s it from me,people.How about you?What does Autumn mean to you?Lets have a Part3,Part4,shall we?

Off to Delhi!

Yes,Namnam & I are off to Delhi for a short trip.Namnam has been missing her grandparents for quite sometime.So we planned to spend this whole month with them.My Pa-in-law will be flying in from Bangalore to be with Namnam…yes he is a darling,he is a sweetheart!And my brother is there too,lazing around,making the most of his work-break,being pampered by Amma!So I’m hoping this trip will prove immensely memorable for Namnam.

I’m not sure how regular I can be seen in the blogville.Although I will sneak in between to treat myself to some worthy reads and some ‘comment-abaddi‘(yes,I meant comments ka kabaddi) as and when I can squeeze some time out πŸ˜€

Keep blogging,sharing,commenting and having fun!And yes,my comment-stadium is wide open for you all.In case you encounter a lack of space elsewhere,do feel free to play cricket,football,gilli-danda,kabaddi,or whatever you want πŸ™‚

Hasta la vista,people!

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you all for your wishes.Namnam & I have reached safely.I’m yet to return to blogging full time.Namnam has not been well,although after seeing her grandparents,Maamu(uncle)&Jayantididi,she is recovering with a fresh zeal.She is having a great time and now waiting for her Thaatha(paternal grandfather) & Papa to join her in a few days.

As for me,I’m dancing to a different tune altogether.Remember,how so many of you empathized and sympathized with me in my yearning to see some showers!Well,let me tell you,the elusive raingods have finally paid heed to my pleas & prayers.From the day we landed I’ve been treated to some incessant rains around me.It couldnt have come at a more appropriate time.So while I bask in the much awaited glory,you enjoy this song πŸ™‚

Resigned to withdraw

Honestly,I had thought I’d be doing a tag in my next post. But while watching a news-bit on TV,right now,I had this outflow of thoughts that I needed to scribble down here.This is the bit I’m talking about.Yes,E Sreedharan has withdrawn his resignation from the post of Managing Director,Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC).

He had made a formal announcement on his 78th birthday,yesterday to step down from his much respected post.This resignation came right in the wake of a mishap,that happened a few days back at one of the Metro construction sites in Delhi which claimed five lives.And then in a span of 24hours he decided to withdraw the same after much coaxing from Shiela Dixit,the Delhi CM and the Centre alike.

And this has what has set me thinking about the credibility of the situation.Was it really necessary for Mr Sreedharan to withdraw his resignation?Is it not time that he paved way for others,who may be as deserving to run the organization,if not more?I am certainly not blaming him alone for what happened.Any project is a team effort and there are ‘n’ number of hands involved in making that a success or a failure.So pinning one person down will not be fair to say the least.

I am a huge admirer of E Sreedharan.In fact I firmly believe that he has been instrumental in putting our country on a global map by the way he has handled the Metro project for so many years. I feel fortunate and proud to see my country shaping up so well with its metro network so well in place and its all thanks to Mr Sreedharan and his team.

But now shouldn’t he be giving others too a chance?This has happened before too.He has put in his papers a couple of times in the past and everytime they have been rejected.Whatever may have transpired between him,the State and the Centre now,shouldnt the authorities be honouring his decision to step down and enjoy his domestic life?Or is it that he doesnt want to step down and he is doing all this just to keep the furore down? I doubt that though.I respect him too much to actually believe he would be resorting to such shrewd techniques.

I know its his decision ultimately and I’m in no way disputing that.This is just a string of thoughts that crept into my mind which I wanted to let out and free myself.