Day 9- You know you’re a mother with a twisted mind..

If you try to catch a tinge of fancy cum jealousy in your girl’s tone when she has this conversation with you..

“Know what Namnam, it was great fun accompanying you and your class on the field trip today! You were all such well-behaved and responsible lot I must say!”

“Yes Amma, it was fun.” Short n crisp for a response.

And before this Amma could discuss further, the daughter curiously enquires, “so Amma, you were in charge of Kon’s group, right? Did you think that he paid more attention to Lara than the rest in the group or was he ok?” it me or has this Kon guy caught my daughter’s fancy?

How old are they? They are a bunch of 9-10 year olds. Oh c’mon, then its definitely me!