Chocolate Fondant, anyone???

No, it’s not my contribution to ‘Wordless Wednesday’ :). It’s just that after drooling over some of Smitha and Monika’s baking delights I’ve been really tempted to try my hand at some baking of my own. Hence the attempt 🙂

Thankfully I got a stamp of approval from Namnam who licked the chocolate clean!

Edited To Add:

I was so excited with the outcome of the fondant that I didn’t realize I had not shared the recipe here. Thanks, Saksh for pointing it out to me.

So here goes the recipe which I picked up from Video Jug…


– 3 Eggs
– 100g Dark Chocolate
– 50g All Purpose Flour
– 100g Sugar
– 100g Unsalted Butter
– Some Cocoa Powder
– 6 Aluminium Pudding Tins
– 2 Bowls
– 1 Baking Tray
– 1 Hand Mixer


Step 1:

Preheat the oven to 180C

Step 2:

Brush the insides of the pudding tins with soft butter, then spoon in some cocoa powder. Turn the tin in a circular motion & tap until the inside surface is fully covered with cocoa powder. This will prevent the sticking.

Step 3:

Place the chocolate and butter in a bowl and place it over a pan of boiling water. Leave it to melt while stirring occasionally.

Step 4:

Beat the eggs in a separate bowl. Gently add in the sugar. Mix until airy and fluffy.

Step 5:

Sieve the flour into the melted butter-chocolate mixture. Then mix until no flour crumbles can be seen.

Step 6:

Now add the egg mixture into the chocolate mixture.

Step 7:

Pour the mixture into the chocolate coated aluminium cups. Place them in a baking tray and bake for 6-8 minutes. After about 6 minutes check the fondants. If they are cooked around the edges with the chocolate still soft in the center, you may remove them from the oven.

Step 8:

Take one of the fondants, ease it out onto a plate. Break it open with a spoon to release the liquid chocolate from the center.

Step 9:

Serve with vanilla ice cream. You may garnish with a sprig of mint and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Since I didn’t have any of those, I sprinkled some icing sugar and garnished with some grapes and few slices of water melon.