Lessons from a Grandmother…

always stay in your  mind.

And when those lessons are in history being imparted by a teacher, who has breathed-lived-walked-eaten-drunk History all her life, to her granddaughter, it becomes all the more a moment worth the while 🙂

Amma's happiness knew no bounds when she found a keen and patient ear in Namnam to pass on her knowledge and wisdom..
Amma’s happiness knew no bounds when she found a keen and patient ear in Namnam to pass on her knowledge and wisdom..

Although am on vacation still, couldn’t help sharing this as a keepsake.

Moments like this are what memories made of, aren’t they?**


**RM’s post inspired me to say this :D. Yeah,yeah, go ahead..call me the Anu Malik of blogging!

Story-telling, the Grandparents’ way!

Pallavi had put up a status on facebook, a couple of days back wherein she mentioned how she couldn’t remember who Rama’s father was while narrating Ramayana to her son.

The status made me laugh out loud thinking about how well I could relate with her situation. I’ve had moments where, while reading out stories to Namnam, I have felt completely lost about certain characters and instances. So much so that I’ve even left them mid-way and tucked the books back in her shelf. * Shamefaced*.

But what Pal’s status also made me do was reminisce about my own story telling sessions with my grand parents. About the wonderful memories that are still so much a part of me.

The formative years of my childhood were spent at my maternal grandparents’ house. As both my parents were working and did not feel very comfortable having babysitters or Nannies around, it was only natural that they left me and my brother in our grandparents’ care, who lived just a few blocks away.

Story-telling sessions were an integral part of our stay at my grandparents. Especially stories from our Indian Mythology. The sessions were a wonderful way of bonding with our grandparents. We learned about the vastness of our culture and tradition from the different stories that they told us. They helped us widen our imagination ad infinitum.

Whenever I wanted to hear a story the first person I ran to, be it day or night was my grandmother,my Ammamma. She had some of the most precious pearls in her kitty. Her innate way of narrating stories made me want to live in those mythical eras. It was as though the characters sprang to life every time I pictured them in my mind.

Image courtesy Wikipedia

To give an instance which is still so vivid, when she told us about Jatayu, while narrating Ramayana, I remember forming a very ferocious and huge image, in my mind, of a vulture fighting it out with the giant Ravana. And then the image would transform into a very meek, broken,beaten bird lying on floor hoping desperately that Rama would come by just in time to be informed about his wife’s abduction. I remember feeling desperate myself at that point of the story, no matter how many times I would have heard it from her. Each time Ammamma reached that point I could feel that sadness and desperation creeping inside me.

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Another instance that I can give is when Ammamma narrated the story of Mohini, the only female avatar of Lord Vishnu, who tricked the Asuras by her enchanting ways, into handing her the Amrit, the nectar of immortality, and distributed it among the Devas. I remember having an image of a vast ocean with hundreds of Devas standing ashore to drink the Amrit. And for some strange inexplicable reason I imagined the Devas standing in a line, like school children waiting to get their candies!! Even the ocean that the Devas stood in front of, had the power to churn out Amrit, in my imagination!

One can find a lot of information about Mohini and the different versions and legends of her exploits in Wikipedia

While still on Devas or Suras, to this day I cant approve of them as genuine or godly as they are made out to be. I always felt they were a selfish, opportunist bunch who took advantage of their appearance and proximity to Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, to get the better of their infamous brothers, the Asuras. Thats my perception though.

Even Achachan, my grandfather had an engaging way of reading Bhagwat-Geeta, Adhyatma Ramayanam or any book for that matter. Hearing him and then having him explain it made us understand the essence of Indian Mythology in a far better way than we could if we had read them ourselves.

Stories begin to look and sound so much better when narrated by grandparents, dont they? I’ve observed how engrossed Namnam looks when her grandparents tell or read stories to her. I do read stories to her from Amar Chitra Katha, Panchatantra and other books but I know its so not the same as being narrated by the grandparents. They are a true blessing!

Being away from home, I still feel though, that Namnam is missing out on a huge chunk of fun moments and learning from her grandparents. But I’m glad whenever she gets to be with them, she makes the most of her time.

Off to Delhi!

Yes,Namnam & I are off to Delhi for a short trip.Namnam has been missing her grandparents for quite sometime.So we planned to spend this whole month with them.My Pa-in-law will be flying in from Bangalore to be with Namnam…yes he is a darling,he is a sweetheart!And my brother is there too,lazing around,making the most of his work-break,being pampered by Amma!So I’m hoping this trip will prove immensely memorable for Namnam.

I’m not sure how regular I can be seen in the blogville.Although I will sneak in between to treat myself to some worthy reads and some ‘comment-abaddi‘(yes,I meant comments ka kabaddi) as and when I can squeeze some time out 😀

Keep blogging,sharing,commenting and having fun!And yes,my comment-stadium is wide open for you all.In case you encounter a lack of space elsewhere,do feel free to play cricket,football,gilli-danda,kabaddi,or whatever you want 🙂

Hasta la vista,people!

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you all for your wishes.Namnam & I have reached safely.I’m yet to return to blogging full time.Namnam has not been well,although after seeing her grandparents,Maamu(uncle)&Jayantididi,she is recovering with a fresh zeal.She is having a great time and now waiting for her Thaatha(paternal grandfather) & Papa to join her in a few days.

As for me,I’m dancing to a different tune altogether.Remember,how so many of you empathized and sympathized with me in my yearning to see some showers!Well,let me tell you,the elusive raingods have finally paid heed to my pleas & prayers.From the day we landed I’ve been treated to some incessant rains around me.It couldnt have come at a more appropriate time.So while I bask in the much awaited glory,you enjoy this song 🙂