Day 11- Friday Flora

This is a tree in my backyard which, for a good part of the year remains all leafy. Come November and it gets enveloped by flowers. I don’t know the name of this flower, can’t even claim the tree as my own because, going by the huge size  it was probably planted eons ago, much much much before we moved into the house.

But today when we had had a slightly tough start to the day with my father-in-law getting hospitalized for a minor health-scare, this was a refreshing sight to walk into. R & I were greeted by this huge curtain of flowers. Though it was funny to see almost an equal amount of flowers lying on the ground like a carpet. The blooms and greens covered all around somehow gave us a certain kind of positivity, a certain kind of hope that we could hold on to.

Sometimes you appreciate a sight even more, no matter how ordinary it may look, because of the calmness it brings in you at a particular point of time. You just want to hold on to it and assure yourself that everything is going to be alright.



So that’s that for today. R is on his way to be with his father. Here’s hoping tomorrow would dawn with something better to offer. Do keep my FIL in your thoughts 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!


Dear Women,

How are we today? Pretty upbeat and gung-ho, I’m sure.

Why, you ask? Well, the whole world is celebrating us. It’s OUR day afterall! So we’d better be happy. We don’t get to enjoy this status all that often, do we? C’mon. we can’t even boast of claiming a place on this earth because according to some ‘learned, highly qualified’ dolts men, we don’t even deserve to exist.

But who cares what they say!  At least not today. For today is one day when we can proudly claim our place and position, right?

A day when we are put on a pedestal, given all possible respect that we deserve even otherwise.

A day we cannot be running the risk of getting raped or ‘being taught a lesson’, right?

A day when our girls will not be killed in our wombs.

A day when we will not be commanded to stay at home and make rotis IF we don’t wish to

A day that comes once every year, ladies! So we better make the most of it.

Lets go out there wearing the clothes we want to with no fear of getting molested because we “asked for it”.

Let us perch ourselves cross-legged on our chairs or bed, on the floor or even on the road without the risk of getting picked on for being “unladylike” and scream our lungs out to the world in sheer liberation with our favourite songs on our lips, while demanding every onlooker to meet us in the eye and not gape at our breasts or try to peep in between our legs.

Let us tell the world that we don’t wish to be put on a pedestal on ‘a particular’ day, worshipped as a goddess on ‘a particular occasion’, rather we command the respect and appreciation to be treated as an equal, as human.

Let us the hit the streets without caring about the darkness of the night, for today we can be sure nobody, absolutely nobody, will point fingers at us for venturing out at  “an unsafe hour”, right? So what if we are in our own country, our own city, our town, our own locality, our own neighbourhood where we are meant to feel the safest? Rest of the day we cannot possibly hope to venture out after dark because that’s not the sign of a ‘good girl’. But today, we can, you see! Because it is our day. We will be ‘forgiven’ for our conduct.

Let us boldly go out there, cut our hair short, wear jeans, play gilli-danda, climb trees, play cricket, hang around with boys and still manage to keep the ‘tom-boy’ tag at bay and still be every bit a girl/woman with the heart of a human.

For today is the day when we are let be, right? And rest of the days? Well, let’s come back here same time next year and take stock of our position, what say?

Happy Women’s Day!