10 on 10

Mushy mushy post ahead…

10 on 10….

For the love that has grown over these years and that continues to grow still

– For understanding each other’s needs and respecting each other’s space.

– For accepting each other’s drawbacks while always taking pride in each other’s strengths and achievements.

– For never forcing one’s opinions and beliefs on the other, instead respecting each other’s views and decisions.

– For being able to make each other laugh even at times of distress.

– For learning to speak a thousand words merely by looking into each other’s eyes.

– For being the best of friends.

– For always managing to bring a better person out of each other.

– For sharing a dream to finally realize it and relive our childhood together in our precious little daughter.

– For placing this undying trust in each other that we will be there for each other no matter what.

Today, R and I complete 10 years of marriage. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs together in these years. While thinking about the ups always brings a smile on my face, thinking about the downs makes me proud that we always gave each other the strength and determination to face them head on. And I have this faith that, with each passing day, the love will grow only deeper, the bond will grow only stronger.

I’m blessed to have found my soulmate in my husband with whom I feel complete, with whom I can open my heart and soul out without any inhibitions whatsoever, with whom I dont have to be someone I am not. And with whom I fall in love over and over again just by watching him smile( yep! that smile still takes my breath away in the same way it did the very first time I met him 🙂 ). So here’s looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my soulmate and growing old yet feeling as young and fresh as always with him 🙂 .

Car-mic connection!

They reached their building.He got out of the car.Stood there for a few seconds,admiring the beauty.

He exclaimed,‘Isnt she strikingly beautiful??’

She who was still inside the car with her daughter who refused to come out unless her Mama buckled her shoes,responded,‘huh!what?’

He repeated,‘She’s so smart,so attractive,so stunning!’

By now,she was well out of the car,holding on to her daughter with one hand and her hand-bag and daughter’s water-bottle with the other.

She was visibly shaken by his remark.She gave him a mighty stare.A stare that seemed as though her eye balls would pop out.

She retorted,‘I know its been a while since I’ve been to a salon.I also know parenting,homemaking and blogging have taken most of my time and energy which means I’m not looking my best now.But that doesnt mean you can admire any sundry beautiful girl in front of me.

‘you need not be beautiful from the outside.What is important is to be beautiful from inside….blah blah blah blah blah’

Before she could go on blabbering,he stopped her right there and blurted,‘ YOU M.O.R.O.N**! I WAS TALKING ABOUT OUR CAR!’.

The snubbed look on her face was enough to make him burst out laughing!

She wished she had a magic wand which could make her invisible!Since that was not to be,she simply whisked off inside to serve him his favourite Chicken curry and Rice!

And then they lived happily ever after

MORAL OF THE STORY: Marriage is not just about making each other laugh.Its also about allowing the other to make fun of you and being able to laugh at yourself.

**To avoid their 3year old daughter from picking up scandalous words early on,the husband-wife duo usually resort to spelling the words out phonetically.