WALMART comes to Qatar

Not the Walmart you imagined, of course 😀 !

We stumbled upon this local foodstuff store, which shared its name with the international superstore and were so amused by what we saw that we couldn’t stop ourselves from click this picture!

I wonder if the shop is oblivious to its more-famous namesake 🙄

Picture tag

I’d been tagged by Naperville mom & Renu eons ago to attach an image from the picture folder of my computer and share the story behind it.So with out any further dilly-dallying let me proceed. Terribly sorry for this delay,NM & Renu.

Since I spoke so much about the mounting expectations and pressures meted out to my child by me in my previous post I thought I would share these two snaps that I felt,befitted my current predicaments. So,enjoy!

I took the snaps for the sheer way Namnam held the newspaper as though she genuinely found an interesting article to read.This was taken in july last year.

Namnam was so engrossed in knowing what was happening around the world that she was oblivious to the fact that I was clicking her photos!


And then it was as though she suddenly realized that lying down and reading was not something that Amma professed.Hence the pose!


Now do you really blame me for being so paranoid about sending her to a school?C’mon she was the one who asked for it 🙂 .

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