Have a Happy Healthy Independence Day!

All of us have been pretty much shaken up by how the H1N1 virus has invaded our lives at a drastic pace and turned deadly.Swine flu has been spreading globally like wild fire.Sadly,my country,has been affected so much that cities like Pune and Mumbai,have gone on a virtual shut-down mode to prevent further spread of the influenza. .

However,let us not allow this pandemic to take our lives over to an extent that we forget to laugh,stay positive or be happy.So,let me share a work of a cartoonist-friend,who,like many of us,has been as disturbed,with the deadly virus having reached his country of domain,Oman!!

By K Murali
By K Murali

On that note wish you all a very Happy Independence Day in advance!Do stay healthy and take whatever precautions needed to keep the dangerous disease at bay.Please watch out for the slightest symptom and make sure to report yourself to the nearest health care center.Please do NOT take even a minute sneeze lightly,if you are or have been,in a swine-flu-affected-area.

Ok,I think thats enough of my preaching for the day. Have a wonderful holiday,people.Lets hope and pray,next year,same time,the deadly virus will be far behind us!

EDITED TO ADD(14Aug):I remembered this song in the morning and thought how well it depicted the essential feature of our nation-‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY’.And what better occasion to hear the song than the Independence Day.So heres to 62 glorious years of freedom.Once again wish you all a Happy Independence Day,people!