Thursday 19- Fauna

Phew! I almost hung up my boots today! I just couldn’t get hold of a picture of any animal to put up here for today’s theme. It’s not as though I live in a place devoid of animals. In fact a sizeable section of residents here have pets and I get to see them roaming around regularly. Yet I couldn’t get around to clicking a picture of any of them. Blame it on a crazy busy day..

Then I remembered a zoo visit we had made in Bangkok this year, but unfortunately all of my pictures were in my laptop which was in a land far far away… for repair! Not a single image could be found in my phone too. As the day progressed I got increasingly convinced that today’s post would not see the light of day.

And then I remembered another earlier occasion while trying to browse through some 1000 plus pictures lying in my phone- which reminds me that it’s high time I took a back up of all the data- and found this…


This was taken at the Emirates Zoo Resort in Abu Dhabi, in April this year, when we took off on a short weekend getaway. It was a novel experience for Namnam where she could feed giraffe, zebra, deer and other such animals, from up close.

Posted in response to Photo a Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim

When it rains, my dil goes Day 12

There’s something about rains that makes my heart leap with joy! I start loving my life all over again. Not that I stopped loving it ever. But the showers and cool vibe attached to it make me fall in love with it all the more.

I appreciate it and crave for it even more so because here in this part of the world rainy weather is a far fetched dream. Those who know me, know how much I crib about the summer here and look forward to escaping to a rainier, cooler terrain sometimes(make that lot of times ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) So imagine my joy when I woke up to this today…


Ah! it was bliss!

Even though it was predicted by the weather department that there would be a slight breezy change in the air, I hadn’t taken it all that seriously. Frankly I never take such forecasts seriously because more often than not they are blink n miss here! And I thought this time around too it wouldn’t be any different. But am I the gladder that it has been different afterall!

It’s rained a couple of times already, the air is charmingly cool. And it’s still raining. My whole being is dancing and singing with joy. Ok, dancing in my mind and singing outside of it too!:D. The trees are swaying, flowers around me are smiling too. Check them out for yourself…

Don't they look just so happy!
Don’t they look just so happy!

I’m usually not a very on-the-spur-of-the-moment person. I like to plan things first before venturing out on them. But today’s beautiful weather couldn’t keep me cooped up inside.

I set out on a whim, a while ago, in not even my walking shoes, mind you, but my slippers, for a good stroll around my community.


I just walked and walked along aimlessly, realizing in the process how I could find immense peace and calm in my own company, how the lovely breeze could bring in such a refreshing vibe that helped in de-cluttering my mind of insignificant thoughts, how I could feel amazed by the simplest of sights, like an elderly couple strolling past, taking in the weather and appreciating the views around; or a duck and her duckling splashing around in one of the lakes probably having their own mom-n-baby bonding time!

Which reminds me, it’s time to get ready to pick my baby up from school. Let me leave a bit early so I can get that much more time to enjoy the outdoors! I am mad I know! ๐Ÿ˜€


The joy you feel when you’re able to match up..

To your child’s imagination and finally see the ‘Mickey Mouse Tree’ that she has been trying so hard to show you every morning on the way to school!

She had almost given up on my lack of imagination! It didn’t help that the tree was right next to a traffic signal where we used to mostly stop. I had had ample chances to stop and take a good look, tilt my head side ways, contort my eyes even, in the vain hope of seeing the Mickey Mouse tree. Namnam had even tried explaining the outline of Mickey as clearly as she possibly could, but I was hopeless!

After a point she stopped pointing it out to me altogether. There was no way I was able to see through her eyes.

Until today. When we stopped at the signal again. This time the Mickey Tree showed its face right at me. Probably the tree felt sorry for Namnam who had such a shallow-headed mother with no imagination at all!

Anyway, the important thing is that I spotted the tree. I had half a mind to step out of the car and do little jig! I told Namnam jubilantly that I could see Mickey so clearly now.

It was a moment of assurance that I had not failed my child after all! ๐Ÿ™‚

So tell me do you see Mickey too? ๐Ÿ™‚