The difference between a mother & a daughter

Mother: Molu**, are you free da? Shall we Skype?

Daughter: Nope Ma. Am at the parlour. And then I have to run a few errands. Busy day, Ma. Let me reach home OK!

No further questions asked. The whole day swishes by and the mother’s hope to see her daughter is left hanging in the air.

Next day…

Daughter: AMMA! (Yes, all caps to denote that she is shouting out on what’s app)

You there?

Be quick!!

Where are you?


Barrage of shout outs. But no response. The mother isn’t online yet.

The daughter places a frantic call.

The father picks up. Obviously unaware of the dire situation the daughter is in, he sets out on his own track

I know I know, mol! I know why you called. I am watching too. Federer is playing, right!!

Oh, Acha! I’ll catch the match later, ok. I didn’t call for that though. Where’s AMMA!  Can you pass the phone to her please?

No questions asked. The father passes the phone to the mother.

AMMA, don’t you have your phone with you?

No, da, I have been terribly busy. Haven’t had the time to even breathe!!

Well, I need your help! I need the recipe for Semiya Upma, right NOW!

That’s it? Is that why you are sounding so frantic?

YES! My pan is burning, Ma! Be quick.

OK OK. Will what’s app you the recipe right away.

No further questions asked. So what if the mother was busy. If the daughter summons, she had better be there for her! ;P


** Molu/Mol is an endearing way of addressing one’s daughter, in Malayalam

Day 9- You know you’re a mother with a twisted mind..

If you try to catch a tinge of fancy cum jealousy in your girl’s tone when she has this conversation with you..

“Know what Namnam, it was great fun accompanying you and your class on the field trip today! You were all such well-behaved and responsible lot I must say!”

“Yes Amma, it was fun.” Short n crisp for a response.

And before this Amma could discuss further, the daughter curiously enquires, “so Amma, you were in charge of Kon’s group, right? Did you think that he paid more attention to Lara than the rest in the group or was he ok?” it me or has this Kon guy caught my daughter’s fancy?

How old are they? They are a bunch of 9-10 year olds. Oh c’mon, then its definitely me!

Wordless Wednesday- 7 (NaBloPoMo- Take 8)

Well not really wordless..

After reading this news-bit about brides being advised to reduce the use of phones , I couldnt help wonder if I have some worrying days up ahead as the mother of a future bride. Dont believe me? See it for yourself 😀

I told you so! 😀