Some ‘car’rring thougts that got rolling while waiting at the traffic signal!

My virtual day has just started and as usual I have no specific subject in mind, but I am suddenly driven by this urge to write something. So here I am tapping away some non-sense just to quench my drive! Bear with me if you do stumble by my abode to find my utterances utterly boring 😀

A couple of days ago, while waiting at the traffic signal, a car zoomed past which looked very similar to the one I used to drive previously. When the signal turned green, while all the static vehicles vroomed towards their respective destinations, with them, began to roll a few thoughts in my mind.

The car that zoomed past me made me think of the similar one I used to drive and realize how rarely I talk of it or think of it. Oh no I hadnt had any nasty experiences with that car nor was it an ill-performing one where it needed constant repairs and checks. It was an excellent car, and I used to love driving it. But over the time we felt the need to go in for a sturdier vehicle, hence we let go of it and bought another one. However, what doesnt surprise me but disappoints my husband no end is that despite owning it for a reasonable amount of period I dont miss the car at all. R keeps giving me these ‘how can you be so heartless’ looks whenever he sees me happily driving my current car, take it to the petrol-station for refilling, ensure the lube-change whenever the need arises, wash it regularly…without so much as a single word of thought or rememberance for the previous car. And I keep reminding him that I used to do all of that and take care of my previous car just as much. The only thing is that I dont feel attached to it. Nor do I feel so towards my current car.

Ok, come to think of it I am sounding heartless, aint I? 😦

But that’s been the case with all the cars that I have driven so far. I dont ‘miss’ them. So if I am to let go of my current vehicle, I know I would be able to because I am not very attached to it. I do love to drive it, but more than the car, per se, its my love for driving which makes me go for it even more.

Oh I dont want to gender-specify it and say that its a womanly-attribute for they are ‘supposed’ to go for jewellery and cosmetics instead of machines and gadgets. I for one know thats not true because I am not at all into jewellery and cosmetics and I have loads of girl-friends who swear by the car they drive and virtually attain nirvana when they get to test-drive all the latest models in town! I’d rather like to believe that it has more to do with me as a person than me as a woman.

I dont even miss my first bicycle, cars are a long shot away :D. I do remember my first fall off it, I even remember crying profusely for the embarrassment I had felt standing there in front of all the on-lookers in my colony and I fondly remember learning to ride it with my father’s encouraging push. Thats about it. But if you ask me, what make it was, whether it had a seat in the back or a basket in the front or ribbons dangling from the handles, I would just give you a plain dumb, blank look for I dont remember any of those intrisnsic details

Even the first car that R & I bought jointly after our marriage unfortunately has the same status-quo. Yes it is special in my life for it was the first car- a white maruti 800- that we bought together and more than R, I have driven it and yet I dont miss it :(. I do remember driving it for work, pickng and dropping R on the way, going for dine-outs with my then new-hubby, driving around the city while listening to the good old hindi classics and even banging into a pick-up van right at the nizamuddin bridge and getting into a major tussle with the driver for bringing about the first dent in my car! And yet when it was time for us give it away, I could easily negotiate with potential buyers and seal the deal without any tug at the heart! While R who was miles away sitting in the Gulf had his heart shatter to pieces when I told him that the car had been sold.

In the span of 6 years we spent in Muscat, we had two cars which hardly find a mention in any of my conversations today, primarily because I never drove those cars as I had not got my licence then and secondly the same-old lack of belongingness to the machines! If you do want to know about them, talk to R and he’ll pour his heart out to you 🙂

Having said that the one car that I do remember fondly and miss too to an extent as it has become extinct today is the first car of my life. Its the Premier Padmini which my parents bought way back in ’96.

Image courtesy Google Images

That was the first ever car of our life, hence very special to the four of us- father, mother, brother & I. I still have vivid memory of the glee-ful anxiety writ large on my and my brother’s faces when our parents brought home the car :-). I learnt to hone my then newly-aquired driving skills on this car- with able back-seat driving from my father of course :)- and went on to love and enjoy driving to the hilt. And what’s more, this is the car sitting in which I went to my marriage!

Still at the end of the day if you ask me if I am sentimental about cars in general I’d have to say no. So hows it with you all?