Day31: Four Things

What luck I say! Last day of the challenge that had to fall on a Friday and that too on a day when I was largely out with practically no time to click four random things to put up here!

Obviously I don’t want to give up after coming all the way till the I click a pic of four random objects right here right lying on my center table before crashing out for the day..



Day29: Kiss

Two more days to go and this photo challenge draws to a close. I realize that in the last 25 odd days I may have shared far more tidbits about my life than I have in the 5 years of my blogging life put together! More importantly I seem to have enjoyed the experience thoroughly with not an inch of boredom creeping into it even once! It has been super super super fun paying this game, capturing every little thing around me, digging into my archives taking a trip down the memory lanes while doing that, going to bed each night with a strange thrill of looking forward to updating with a new click the next day. Frankly I cant believe I have stuck by till this long. Having had a rather unsuccessful experience with Blog-a-thon challenge, two years back, where I could manage to post for just 17 days, I was fully prepared to lose my drive this time round too. But fortunately this photo challenge has proved far simpler and more exciting an activity to take up ๐Ÿ™‚

For today’s prompt I had this photo that I had kept aside, which I thought would represent a kiss well. But I had not read the description of the prompt then, which mentioned about it being a charity prompt of kissing MS goodbye.

Edited to add: MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis. And the prompt says, “This is our charity prompt. We’re going to kiss MS goodbye. So wear red, or pop on some red lipstick and show us a ‘kiss’! “

So let me share two pictures- one which I initially chose for today’s prompt and the second one which is purely to stay true to the charity prompt..

Look at those two branches entwined..dont they look as if they are kissing? :)
Look at those two branches entwined..dont they look as if they are kissing? ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the other one which I just clicked after planting a kiss on my hand! The nth weird thing I end up doing this month, all in the name of blogging! Sigh! ๐Ÿ™‚


Part of May photo a day challenge

Day28: What you’re doing now

Its 9.55 in the morning here and it’s that time of the day when I give undivided attention to my laptop for the next one hour or so before getting on with the rest of the day’s chores..


You may have noticed, one sure-fire chore is glaring right back at me though from behind my comp- that pile of clothes crying out to get folded ๐Ÿ˜ก

Part of May photo a day challenge