Day26: Fav thing to do on Sunday

Sunday, in my part of the world, is the first day of the week when we get back to the grind after a good laid back weekend. And the favorite thing that I like to do after sending off Namnam to school and R to work is plonk myself in front of my computer and indulge in some net surfing.


I had many things in mind to type on this prompt. And on a normal day I would have gladly sat and typed to my heart’s content, but unfortunately there’s this wretched fever that I seem to have caught since Friday, which is not letting me gather enough energy to sit for long. So maybe I will leave it for another day. For now let me go and lie down for sometime and rest up.

So till tomorrow, it’s bye from me..

Part of May photo a day challenge

Day24: GO









The calmness of sea is calling you…


Part of May photo a day challenge


On a totally unrelated note…

You show signs of senility when you place a jar of chilly powder next to a jar of Boost on the kitchen top, suddenly wonder( with a fair bit of certainty) if you may have ended up using the former to mix in the milk you boiled for your daughter!

One quick dip of finger in the pan of milk to taste and you realize that senility is safely kept at bay…for now at least 😀 😀

Have a sane weekend, everyone! 🙂