Day 16- Wordless Wednesday

Since words are on an indefinite strike I thought I will go wordless.

Some pictures that I clicked while taking a walk today.

Let me offer you all these views as a thank you, especially to my fellow blogathon-ers, for not letting me give up. For being there. For giving the push. This is what I have loved the most by far about this blogathon. This handholding that binds us, keeping us from tripping. And this is what makes me never give up on blogging ❤

Did I say words were on a strike?! 😉

img_1233 img_1238 img_1243 img_1244 img_1245

Day 15- Tiny bit Blank

I’m this close to giving up. I may just. So…sorry in advance if I don’t make it tomorrow 😀

Right now my situation is similar to the image below. Where words in my head are frantically looking to escape, like that tiny baby , but my mind is refusing to let go of its dreadful hold like the crocodile below!




Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge. Theme: Tiny

This was clicked in August 2016, in Brooklyn, New York.