Koi Lautade Mere Beete Hue Din…

…at least the 10 days that have gone by, rather swished by!

How wonderful it would be if you could go back in time and relive the beautiful days you spent with your family, all over again!

– The days spent lazing around carefree, with either a book in your hand or simply watching your daughter run around with absolutely no worry to run after her because you knew there already were three people who were more preferred to do the honour!

– The days spent watching your daughter climb up the shelves of her grandparents’ wardrobes, like a monkey and flick li’l things from there and sneak them into your bag. And then hearing her tell them how badly those things were needed in ‘her house’ instead making you reminisce about the time when you used to do the same πŸ™‚

– The days spent stuffing yourself with the umpteenth serving of gajar-halwa made ‘lip-smacking-iciously’ by your ma and still craving for more.

– The days spent waiting for the tikki/golgappe-wala to come to your block and then rushing out to book your place with other residents, when he did come tom-tomming on his large frying pan with a spatula. And then devouring and relishing every bite and sipping the spicy jaljeera thereafter….oooooohhhhh!

– The days spent hopping from one shop to another splurging away and realizing in the process that no joy matched up to the joy of shopping with your mother :).

– The days spent rediscovering your city through lanes and by-lanes in a cycle-rickshaw with your daughter perching herself amazingly well right at the backseat and your heart skipping a beat every time the rickshaw-puller maneuvered through a jam-packed traffic and finally letting out a relieving sigh when he got you to your destination successfully.

– The days spent rushing up to the terrace as soon as the sun came out, with a pack of moongfalis and a book and your daughter following right after with her homework-sheet.

– The days spent grinding your teeth in the biting cold and yet loving every bit of the chill and breathing in every bit of Dilli ki sardi! Brrrrrrrr!!

How I wish I could have those days back! But as it turns out, its back to the grrrrind!

Anyway, how have you all been? Hope you all had a rocking start to the year.

A random scene at home :)

A mother-daughter duo, after spending a considerable part of the day playing teacher-student( which is a much favoured game in the house BTW), is about to call it a day.

The mother, looking at the holocaust state of the house, this li’l pretend-play has brought about, tries her best to keep her teacherly-calm intact

Mother (still in the polite teacher-mode) : School time over, sweetheart! Its time to tidy up! C’mon lets pick up your blocks and put them back in the trunk and keep your books back in the shelf, shall we??

Daughter (clearly not in the mood to go along with the game or in other words, not in the mood to listen to her mom) : Oh no, our play-time is over, remember? You’re not Miss Y now! You be my Mama, ok?

Ok, then, as you say, darling….


Daughter (clearly shaken up by this threat) :Thats ok, Mama, you can be Miss Y! Lets tidy up together, shall we??

Mother: πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

PS: The mother, in her defense, would like to state that she exercises the option of threat only when she runs out of options like coaxing, pleading, cajoling, bribing, etc. to get her daughter to listen to her sometimes.


Yes, yes, I’m still very much alive and so is this blog :D. Unfortunately have hardly had the time to update it or read other blogs too :(. There have been days when I’ve had a lot of things running in my mind which I felt like sharing but when I got around to jotting those fleeting thoughts down, they seemed so irrelevant that I ended up discarding them.

Even though I have only been away for about 10-12 days, it seems as though I’ve been away for many many days. And this may go on for a few more days as I’m in the midst of moving houses, packing for a short trip to Delhi(which both Namnam & I are very excited about as we’ll get to spend the New Year with our family).

Dont know how soon I’ll be back, but will be for sure :). So till then, adios!

Keep blogging and blog-hopping!

A passing thought

I let my daughter give me a hand at tidying up our house, so she can understand the importance of helping and keeping one’s surrounding clean.

The result- she wants to vacuum each and every corner of the house herself, and not just that she is now spotting strands of hair in one corner, remnants of pasta cooked two days back, in another, crumpled tissue(s) at various other corners 😯 😯

I see where she’s getting at- her Amma has not been very good at this whole art of cleaning herself 😦

Point noted, Darling. Now hand me back my vacuum cleaner. Enough of cleaning! πŸ™„