Day12: Mother

I have never been a follower of such occassions like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Friendship Day, etc. but when my daughter pulled this out of her school bag as she came out of the school and excitedly handed to me saying,’ Amma, look what I made for you!’, it just made my day!


This came on a day when I had been torn in guilt over scolding her for forgetting to take her planner to school and making her even more guilty and admonishing her of her carelessness through our entire drive to school that morning. More than that, the guilt over not going back home to get the planner, despite her suggesting to do so to avoid getting scolded by the teacher. I could easily have gone even though we were well away from home. But I didn’t. Instead I made my by-now-teary-eyed li’l one further more miserable by telling her that this should make her learn a lesson to be more responsible. How pathetically mean could I get!

And that very afternoon she comes running to me with this card, all smiles, her mum’s outburst completely forgotten. Forgiven.

Oh how overwhelming a feeling to be the recipient of such innocent love, so pure, so free of any grudges or negativity whatsoever!

I know I am not the best, certainly not the ‘words best’ as my daughter declares.

I snap at her for so many reasons, sometimes for no reason. I pick on her at the littlest of things, lately a bit too much. I nag her for being too soft at heart to be giving away winning a game because she doesnt want her amma or papa or friends to lose against her.

And yet she gives me this..

Yes, this is the extension of the card I mentioned in my Day10 post :)
Yes, this is the extension of the card I mentioned in my Day10 post 🙂

Just when I feel pulled down by mother’s guilt, my child knows just then how to make me feel on top of the world! And make feel the most blessed as a mother.

Thank YOU, darling!

Life’s good…

I needed an outlet, so I rattled off all this.

Now to stick to today’s prompt, here’s a pic of my mother with my daughter, one who inspires the mother in me and the other who teaches the mother in me something new every now and then in their own way 🙂


Part of May photo a day challenge

I’m No Super-Mom.. (NaBloPoMo – Take 5)

– Who wakes up early in the morning, makes tea and then breakfast and then lunch for the entire household, waters the plants, packs lunch-boxes for the kids, dresses them up for school, and manages just enough time to get ready herself and scoots out for work

– Who can play basketball with her daughter’s friends with just as much panache as she can host parties or cook lavish meals for her son’s friends

– Who can speak to her son’s French girlfriend in impeccable French just as she teaches her daughter the nuances of music, with the notes and vibrato perfectly in place.

– Who ensures her house is spotless 24/7 with not a speck of dust.

I’m just a mom,

– who just loves to watch her daughter grow and treasure every moment.

– who believes her day is going to start on the happiest note when her daughter wakes up with the widest smile and the tightest hug to her.

– who walks around with the proudest glee when someone praises her daughter or when her kid gets her ‘Thank You’s and Sorry’s right making her feel that she is probably moving in the right direction while raising her child.

– who gets all teary-eyed and overwhelmed every time she sees her child performing on stage confidently with no inhibitions whatsoever.

– who remembers every little milestone of her daughter’s life from the first smile to the first word to the first step to the first first day in school and still yearns for more.

– who turns the fieriest when it comes to defending her child, who will not shirk to go to any length to ensure her child’s safety and welfare.

– who turns into a yelling and bickering mom every time her daughter decides to try her patience.

– who gets angry, even snaps at her daughter sometimes for no fault of hers. And then when she is on the brink of questioning her own parenting, pat comes a tight hug and a kiss tagged with an ‘ I love you, Mama’ to make her feel the most blessed and loved.

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I’m just a mom, a normal, ordinary mom like any other human. I’m no God and dont wish to be. I’m just a human whose heart beats for her child like any other.

On this Mother’s day thats what I want- the acceptance, the acknowledgement that mothers are human too and not some super-being who has to get it right always.

Actually why on a particular day, make it every day of the year to acknowledge your mother and make her feel the most blessed and loved.