Homesick still, am I??

Oh yes I am! Very. Even though we came back from a month long vacation on 14th, I’m yet to unpack or make my mind up fully to settle back into the routine.

Surprisingly Namnam switched over to her routine instantly. Here I was thinking she would take weeks, and she surprised me by adjusting back much faster and easier. The very day we arrived, she looked around the house, and said with a gleeful smile, ‘ I’m happy to be home’.

And this is not the first time. Every time we are back from our vacation I expect her to get cranky and moody, each time she proves me wrong. Maybe she is still small and yet to reach the stage where children become attached to a certain routine or surrounding and take a while to accept any change away from that. Or maybe I should just stop underestimating my child.

Whichever be the case I’m glad she has adjusted well and now I just have to handle my cranky, moody, lazy self to come to terms with my domestic routine!

Our trip was a mixed bagful of experiences. With lots of happy and memorable moments and some not so…

Namnam is always the most excited to reach Delhi and this time also she made the most of her stay there.

She made loads of friends with whom she spent some wonderful time, playing ‘eye-spies’, badminton, reading books, and learning hindi. The sparkle in her eyes was hard to miss whenever they used to come calling her out to play.

Namnam finally got to know what ‘getting wet in the rains’ was, thanks to some heavy showers graced on us while we were there. Both she & I got drenched to our heart’s content, not once, but twice.

The best part of our stay was that all of us were in town around the same time. My parents, father-in-law, brother, R’s brother and his family. We could meet up with everyone this time around.

Another high point of my trip was when Smitha & I met along with our two imps, of course :). It was an amazing experience. And what was even more endearing was to see how well Namnam & Poohi got along with each other. Truly one of the most memorable moments for me.

The not-so-pleasant moments, that I mentioned earlier, came by when Namnam fell ill with high fever and had yet another bout of febrile convulsions. I hated every bit of those three days that she was in the hospital. I felt utterly foolish because I had not carried her suppository or syrup as I thought she was well past that phase. But I was clearly wrong in my assumption. As per the Pediatrician, children who are prone to Febrile convulsions are at risk till the age of 6.

And then there was the unfortunate news about IHM’s daughter. Its truly inspiring to know that she and her family have decided to channelise their sorrow towards positive direction. May God give them the strength to stay positive and take forward the causes that Tejaswee believed in.

With this let me sign off for now….leaving you with this beautiful song and heartfelt wishes for a year filled with love, happiness, good health and prosperity.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Onam :).

Whats your Omanaperu?

Clueless about the title?? My Malayali readers would have understood what I’m asking though.

Lately the blogosphere has been abuzz with posts on real names and pseudo-names, which made me think about another type that contributed a great deal in identifying us. Its the pet-names or nicknames that our family and friends give us or know us by.

I want to particularly touch upon the pet-names that our parents address us by. Hence the word ‘Omanaperu’ in the title which means pet-name in Malayalam.

Not that nicknames are not special. They are, indeed. They are what you are known by in your circle of family & friends. They are what your friends christen you with mainly to pull your leg. Like I was given by my childhood friends.

I was often called ‘Teepatti'(match-box) as it sounded a lot like my real name :D.

Some have really cute nicknames. One of my oldest childhood friends’ nickname is Rinki. I know another girl who’s called Pankhudi, the sound of which I absolutely love. I also like Saritha’s daughter’s name, Pinkuda :).

Having said that, pet-names have always held an extra special place in my heart. I always felt doubly cuddled and pampered when my parents addressed me as Molu, Malu, Muthey(Pearl), and so on. Or when my maternal grandmother called me Molunni. They effused so much of warmth, affection and love that many a times a mere Deepu, my other nickname, missed to convey.

I remember how I used to gauge my mother’s temperament by the sheer way she used to address me. If she called out with a stern ‘Deepu’ I knew I was being summoned for some serious talk. And a signal to a massive blast was when she would call me out by my real name(I still dread this signal!! ). But a soft ‘Muthey’ was all it took to soften the mood and make me run to her for a tight hug.

I strongly believe cuddling & pampering should be a vital part of your growing up. If a parent can reprimand his/her child for any misbehavior, then he/she should also cuddle the child and make him/her feel loved and cared for. That I feel, will go a long way in making the child emotionally secure and stable.

R & I are doing whatever possible to make sure Namnam too grows up in a cuddle-filled environment just like we did. Hence we have all sorts of pet-names for her from Ponnu to Cheeku to Shonu to Jaanu to Chakkara apart from her regular nicknames Namnam and Namnu :).

So tell me,whats your pet-name?

Can girls really be friends?

I was reading an article in one of the magazines wherein this question was posed.The article was presented as a debate and two women had contributed with their own differing opinions with a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’. After reading it,I thought it would be interesting to ask myself the same question.

I went to a co-ed school which means,I’ve been fortunate enough to form some wonderful friendships with both boys and girls over the years. And I cherish all of them. But I’ve always been closer to my girl-friends, because they understand me better.

I believe that there are certain things that you can discuss and experience only with your girlfriends…be it having endless discussions about your crushes. Or be it experiencing a state of Nirvana(well,almost! ) by ogling at handsome hunks, or be it simply heading out for a walk just to feel kicked up about being ogled at !! Or be it sharing the misery of your wretched menstrual cramps and empathizing with each other. Or better still, be it going on a shopping spree, picking the trendiest of clothes,parading in front of the mirrors together and boosting each other’s egos !!

Courtesy Google Images

I doubt if, even discussing these things with boys would be half as fun. Leave aside,experiencing !

I know, gossiping,bitching,back-stabbing,mud-slinging, and the likes are some of the other things attributed to us. Yes,many a time,they can spoil a friendship. But,in defense of the sisterhood, men gossip too,don’t they? They may probably have a different name to it…a heart-to-heart talk ,a frank opinion or whatever. Basically they too have disagreements among each other. And sometimes it can even reach a stage where they wont shirk from taking out their cycle-chains,hockey-sticks or baseball-bats to thrash each other to oblivion.

At least we’re not that harmful . I can proudly say that. All we do is indulge in some harmless gossiping or some verbal-spats,if things get out of hands or at times, if we are really good with words,blog about it and kick it out of our system ;). And the rest of us,who are not so good at it,just ignore. Thats it.

That will certainly not mean I’ll stop making friends with girls. I will because I know we are fun to be with despite our hiccups.

So,if I ask myself ‘Can girls really be friends?’. My answer is ‘yes,of course’.

Ok,now before our men from Mars come out in unison to thrash me,let me just go back to the safe cocoon of my planet Venus 😀

Autumn Pleasures-part2

When Solilo published a post to welcome Autumn in her life,she made us all reminisce about its significance in our own lives.The post made me nostalgic,for sure,but it also left me envious because all I was getting to see in my part of the world,was slight breeze in the evenings and early sunsets to signal a departure from the scorching summer.

So to cheer myself up,I decide to go on a nostalgic trip of my own and bring out a post about what I associate the season with.Hence a ‘Part2’! Thank you,Sols,for the suggestion.

courtesy Google Image
courtesy Google Image

Autumn, to me, is about:

1.Listening to the sounds of migratory birds and rushing out to see them fly high up in the sky signalling the arrival of winter.

2.Father and I announcing the arrival with a new-found fervor,to mother & brother who would be sulking at the thought of having to wait for 6 whole months for summer.

3.Taking Razais(quilts),Sweaters,Stockings,Mufflers & Shawls out of divans and putting them out in the sun.

4.Gorging on boiled kappas(tapioca) with spicy,finger-licking green chilly chutney prepared by Amma,over a cup of hot tea on a chilly evening!

5.Achan waking me and brother to get ready for school/college with a loud call out from his room,while he stayed in bed snuggling up cosily inside the quilt to catch up on that last 5 minutes sleep…God,how annoyed we would be that Amma allowed such injustice to prevail in the house!!

6.Waiting for the school-bus on a sleepy-foggy day with zero-visibility and feeling wee-bit disappointed at sighting the bus’ bumper light suddenly glaring out of the fog…it meant another ‘chutti’ went down the drain!

7.Greeting friends with puffs of fog-smoke!The more fierce you could let out the smoke on each other’s face,the tougher you were considered!!

8.Rushing to the terrace,when the sun is out,spreading out the cane mat and enjoying the season with my favourite book in hand.

9.Walking from Mandi House to Canning Road or from Chanakyapuri to Dhaula Kuan with soft,cool breeze brushing my face all through making me feel fresh as ever.

10.Last,but never the least,its pure bliss.Its about feeling happy,gay,romantic,going on long drives with my beloved sitting right beside me and beautiful soulful music playing in the car.

Namnam is yet to experience autumn and winter in the true sense of the word.Although winter,here,is not as intense as it is in India,Europe or the Americas,it,still,is enjoyable.

Heres hoping she gets to enjoy and savour the season in her own way this year.

That’s it from me,people.How about you?What does Autumn mean to you?Lets have a Part3,Part4,shall we?