Sunday 22- Composition

Frankly I didn’t really understand what this theme meant. The very first thing that I associated the term with was music. I thought the theme required me to share a picture of some kind of music composition in process or some such thing. Then I happened to read a post by Fat Mum Slim where she had explained the theme in detail and I understood that the topic had nothing to do with composing music whatsoever! Yup, I can be dumb too sometimes!

However, I have read the post a couple of times and more, browsed through some of the pics that other participants have shared, yet I’m none the wiser. So I’m just going to post a pic based on whatever little idea I have got from reading up on it. From what I understand the picture to be shared has to have a particular object in focus. In my case here, the white flower..


This is the last picture-post from me in response to this week’s Photo a Day Challenge 2015.


On another note, what would you call two fat people having a chat?

Well, the answer doing rounds of What’s App where this forward is passing on is- A heavy discussion.

But, the answer that the quick-witted child of the house had up her sleeve was- Parents!


Saturday 21- Old+New


This is an endless predicament if you ask me, to decide whether old rules or new. Whenever a topic on kindle is raised, it comes attached with a debate over its prominence vis a vis paperbacks. But then I wonder why should it be a thing to decide, eh? Books of any kind, any version should and must rule, irrespective of how we get to read them. Whether paper bound or electronically bound, a book is a book is a book!

I cant’t believe that I am saying this, because when e-readers had started to gain ground, I was one of those who had resisted them. But now, with the old and new managing to co-exist wonderfully so far, I can see myself embracing my Kindle and my paperbacks with both my arms alike!

Having said that, with the rapid change in the environment for the worse, I shudder to admit that gradually the use of paper may dwindle with the moving times. Which makes it even more of a need to enjoy this very moment of co-existence while it lasts.

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Thursday 19- Fauna

Phew! I almost hung up my boots today! I just couldn’t get hold of a picture of any animal to put up here for today’s theme. It’s not as though I live in a place devoid of animals. In fact a sizeable section of residents here have pets and I get to see them roaming around regularly. Yet I couldn’t get around to clicking a picture of any of them. Blame it on a crazy busy day..

Then I remembered a zoo visit we had made in Bangkok this year, but unfortunately all of my pictures were in my laptop which was in a land far far away… for repair! Not a single image could be found in my phone too. As the day progressed I got increasingly convinced that today’s post would not see the light of day.

And then I remembered another earlier occasion while trying to browse through some 1000 plus pictures lying in my phone- which reminds me that it’s high time I took a back up of all the data- and found this…


This was taken at the Emirates Zoo Resort in Abu Dhabi, in April this year, when we took off on a short weekend getaway. It was a novel experience for Namnam where she could feed giraffe, zebra, deer and other such animals, from up close.

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Wednesday 18: Flora

Plants, greenery, blooms, flowers, flora, these are all terms that cheer me always.
So you can imagine how happy today’s theme makes me. Here’s a collage of some plants that adorn my garden, that make the house we live in even more beautiful. Nah I have no hand in their upkeep, it’s my gardener’s.


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