Something beginning with K- Day 2

K for Karahi Chicken!


Oh no, I didn’t make this! My kitchen is still not fully functional.

This is what we ordered from a restaurant after a long day. So long that we had this for lunch at 6 in the evening!!

And now it’s time to crash out!

Bye for now. Hope to see you all tomorrow with the day’s prompt 🙂

Playing the July Photo A Day 2014 Challenge

Day 1- Red+White

Well, I must be crazy! I’ve a packed month already with a pile of things to take care of. I’m already in the thick of moving in to a house. And here I am adding yet another challenge to my list of things to do! The July Photo A Day 2014 Challenge. I have no idea how I am going to manage or whether I can even. But I am going to try anyway for as long as I can!

Thank you Smita, your post prompted and tempted me to take this up! 🙂

So here’s my photo of the day! With a bit of red, a bit of white and a few other colours thrown around. A click of a house that is waiting to be turned into a home.

My home…