Sometimes all it takes is a dig through your old photos..

To make you reminisce about some of the moments that gave you so much of happiness! So much so that that they never fail to bring a smile on your face even today.

And in my case the digging through old photographs happens every now and then :). It doesnt matter if the photos are thirty years old or three years or even three days old. I love to look at them and go on a nostalgic ride of my own.

It could be a photo taken a few decades ago of my then-4year old brother flaunting his newly-shaven head and flashing the cutest smile in the world :). Or it could be a picture of my father all dressed up to go to work, having his breakfast while my brother and I plant a kiss on his cheeks and our mother looking on adoringly. Or it could be a picture of my child being held in the arms of her father, both of them smiling at each other.

Oh there are times when I click photographs and immediately rewind them to have a look at them again. No.. not just to check if they have come out well but to simply think of those moments again and relive them.

And sometimes I find worthy company in Namnam who keeps insisting that I narrate the stories behind the pictures.

And it makes the ride even more enjoyable 🙂

Today was one such day when old photographs beckoned me and I went browsing through them.

I had started looking for a suitable photograph for the Thursday Challenge, but instead came across this particular one which had me laughing thinking about that moment when Namnam had found digging into her father’s ear amusing and majorly indulging. I had a clicked a sequence of shots which had her digging and poking till she emerged thoroughly satisfied after her foraging.

Let me share one of the shots from that moment and step into the weekend with a wide grin and happy heart 🙂

Have a lovely weekend ahead, people!