Rambling #3- Khichdi

of thoughts, I mean. Not the thing that you eat 😀

Speaking of which, I’m not so much of a fan of the eating khichdi. I do crave for it, once in a blue moon though. But when I attempt to make it, I never manage to get the taste I am seeking. I know I know..it’s probably the easiest dish to make and yet I haven’t learnt to make it right. I love it when my Ma makes it. Its so funny that whenever she used to make it when I was small, I used to cringe at it. Refuse to taste it even. But now I can relish it only when she makes it the same way!

As I draft this post, I have 6 other tabs opened which I keep hopping off to in between. I have a dictionary site opened, I have a few links to some articles in other tabs, which I am in the middle of reading, and then there is a video in pause since last evening, which the girl of the house couldn’t finish since it was already bedtime, hence waiting to be replayed, and then of course there’s Facebook, which is my vitamin-F ;). Oops! I just sent a friend request by mistake to one of my school seniors. His name showed up on my timeline because of some random comment addressed to him by one of the people we knew in common. Now he was someone with whom I didn’t quite share very good vibe back in school. But since his name popped up on my screen, the disquisitive me obviously wanted to check what he was upto. And while reading up the profile, I accidentally got the cursor to send the request. Ahem, I am not showcasing a very favourable trait here I know. Please blame facebook for piquing my curiosity and turning me into a prying lurker, ok! Anyway, I cancelled the request as soon as I realized my folly! Phew!

See this is why I should not attempt multi-tasking-err-tabbing! Let me just close all the tabs and concentrate on one thing, rambling that is.

Oh shoot! I have to run to pick Namnam up from school. Oh no no, she is not sick today :D. Her school is closing in early because of a sporting event scheduled during the day.

I had thought I would be able to scribble my khichdi of thoughts before scooting out to pick her up. The way they were running around all helter skelter inside my mind, I had thought it would be easy peasy to pull them out and jot down here. Alas they are stuck right up in my mind causing a little stampede! Argh!

BTW, did you know that the beloved guardians of our culture are back to doing what they are the best at? Moral policing. They just get worse..err..better..by the year I tell you! May St.Valentine bless them! Yup. And this time they are rolling out a marriage bureau offering to marry off all those people “caught” celebrating Valentine’s Day. Shaadi.com, Matrimony.com, watch out, you’ve stiff competition waiting to throw you out of your business! You don’t believe me? Check this out.

Anyway, off I go now. Be back later..

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Rambling #2- Open communication with school…good or bad?

In my previous post I had mentioned about Namnam’s teacher messaging me to come and pick her up as she wasn’t feeling well. This happened a few days ago. In no time I had rushed to fetch her from school and bring her home. Let me add that earlier in the day a couple of messages had already been exchanged between us as Namnam was anyway feeling a bit under the weather when she left home.  So I had to make sure that she was okay. Hence the constant communication.

Its at times like this that I feel immensely grateful for the school’s open communication policy. From the very day the school opened its gates to us, we have been given to understand that parents/guardians would have all possible access to our kids’ school and their teachers. At the first orientation programme, Namnam’s teacher had even shared her phone number and her email id assuring us that we could stay connected with her anytime of the day.

If I hadn’t had that direct contact with the teacher, I would have probably been hyperventilating at home, feeling guilty for sending my sick child to school, feeling utterly helpless even and wondering about her health. But because I had free access to the teacher, I could easily check on my child.

And I’m sure the teacher is just as accessible and supportive with other parents as she is with me. I have seen parents waiting outside the class, every other day for a little chit-chat with the teacher getting the required feedback about their wards and discussing their concerns. The school allows the parents to approach them at anytime for any concerns whatsoever. And as a parent I completely welcome this policy. Its quite reassuring to say the least. So if one is to ask me to weigh the pros and cons out of this policy I, as a parent would tilt the scale in favour of pros since I have only benefited from such a policy so far.

Personally, I like the idea of teachers sharing their contact with the parents because I feel it is always better to have direct access to the particular teacher who’s responsible for your child’s well being and safety for a good part of the day than waiting for the school to connect you to him/her.

Now I understand such an open policy can have adverse implication too if misused. And that is the only con, per se, that I can see coming out of this system. Parents may tend to take such generous services for granted. For instance, with teachers’ numbers out in the open, its every bit possible for the parents to call them at ungodly hours to discuss some frivolous issues of their child. But these are minor elements which I feel can be done away with if parents and teachers set boundaries and respect each other’s space. The teacher can always choose not to entertain any calls or messages after the school hours if he/she feels they aren’t urgent enough to be addressed. And the parents can/should always choose not to take undue advantage of the facilities that are made available to them.


february ramblings

Bang my head, pull my hair!

Ever been around people who would make you want to bang your head on the wall?? I’ve been, a couple of times. In fact, I encountered one only yesterday. And I didn’t have to go very far, he was right here in my house. And that’s my cleaner.

Now, my cleaner is otherwise a very nice helpful person. Very hardworking. Very humble. An absolute blessing I must say when it comes to helping me with the sundriest(wonder if that’s even a word) of chores. The best thing about him is the ever-smiling persona he sports even when asked to do the toughest of jobs or when faced with a house that many a times looks as though it has been hit by a typhoon.

BTW he is very innocent too. Or so he wants me to believe. And that’s what makes want to pull my hair and bang my head on the wall! It irks me when people try to be ultra naive or make an effort to be sweet. AAARRRGGH!

Yesterday, I boiled milk and I spilled a small amount, ok a fair amount, on my cooking range. My cleaner, the innocent soul that he is, came in to the kitchen, saw what was very conspicuous and asked me, ‘ Oh the milk got spilled, huh??’. 🙄

And then a few minutes later, when he saw the AC dripping water droplets he asked in the most ignorant way possible,‘ Oh the AC is leaking, huh??’. 🙄

And then again, a little later he saw a few dark scratches on the coffee-table, out came, ‘Oh the table got scratches, huh?‘. He was unstoppable yesterday! And I was on the brink of losing my sanity.

The incident(s) made me realize that he is not alone in this world of ‘innocent’ people. There are many.

There are those who, right after you’ve seated yourself aboard a non-stop Delhi-Doha flight, ask you the very pertinent question, ‘Oh so you’re going to Doha, huh??’.

Or when you’re glued to your book with the title written in bold on the cover for even an ant to see and you’re just about to crack the Da Vinci Code, you’re fielded, ‘ Oh so you’re reading Dan Brown, huh??’ 🙄 🙄

I remember the wife of a very dear friend of my father’s who had this stating-the-obvious-while-trying-to-be-angelic syndrome. She had taken it upon herself to explain whatever we spoke or did, word by word to her husband, who BTW would be sitting right next to her.

For eg. if my brother smiled she used to say, ‘Nokku, M’etta, Raghu chirikkunu (Look,Raghu is smiling)’ or if my mother served them tea,‘Nokku, M’etta, CK chaaya undaaki (Look, M’etta, CK made tea)’.

And each time she would be more excited and more upbeat than the previous, with her loud louder loudest laugh!!

To this day each one of us in my family have a rollicking time reminiscing about those moments when Aunty visited us, although I’ll have to admit when I actually lived those moments years ago, they did make me want to bang my head on the wall.

When Namnam was born, I came across such kinds aplenty. Every time I told them I was blessed with a baby girl, they used to reiterate what I said with a question,‘ Acha ladki hui hai?’ and even go a step further to say,‘Koi nahi, agli baar ladka hoga(Never mind, next time you’ll have a son)’

Here I’ll admit that more than wanting to bang my head,I wanted to bang THEIR head on the walls and pull THEIR hair!

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The week goneby…

was nothing much to write home about.

First, there was the Madrid open which Federer lost to Nadal taking the latter’s all-time tally of wins against the world no 1 to 14. Fedex has a meager 7 to his credit :(.

Then I saw Swaram flashing her state of mind on Facebook with an ecstatic “Nadal won Nadal won … yay yay yay!” making me sulk even more.

And Sakshi even went a step further by asking me to imagine her having dinner with Federer!

If you have friends like such, you don’t need enemies do you?? 😈

Anyway, as Masood, a fellow manic member of the Federer Fan Club put up on my Facebook page, ‘Come Grand-slams (French Open this month and Wimbledon in June), we’ll have plenty to cheer about’. So here’s looking forward to the coming months with my fingers crossed!!


Next my internet connection came crashing down crippling me for two days. The two days felt like two decades for me! Ok ok that’s a bit too filmy! I get it 😀 . What I mean to say is that those two days did reiterate my belief that internet had become an integral part of my life. It’s hard to imagine a day, a life without its gracious presence!


Then I came across a very tragic and disturbing bit of news. A 4-year-old kindergartener died due to intense heat and asphyxiation after being trapped in her school-bus for more than 4 hours. It was an incident that shook up the entire Indian community here. The parents of school-going children were enraged at the school authorities, the management, the transport company to whom the bus belonged. Everybody was being blamed. And rightfully so.

The bus driver, who has been arrested, should not be the only person to be blamed for failing to check on the bus thoroughly before leaving the school, thereby leaving the poor little girl locked inside the bus. The school has to be held equally responsible for not ensuring the same.

If the schools are charging a certain amount from the parents as ‘bus-fee’, it should not just include a mere pick-up/drop-off of the pupils but should also include the responsibility of ensuring their safe transportation.

Many schools here, reportedly, do not adhere to the guidelines set by the Supreme Education Council. A set of parents have decided to form a committee and hold a meeting with the council to report such schools to them.

I hope these efforts yield some positive results and such tragic incidents never happen.

When I saw the photo of little Sarah, I couldn’t stop crying, because, in her I could see my Namnam.

Next year Namnam will start going to a proper school and I already feel the pangs of anxiety thinking about her safety and well-being.


Finally I bade goodbye to a very dear friend who left Qatar for good to re-base in India. She was my closest friend here and our daughters were the best of friends( I hope they remain so though) .

We gave birth to our daughters around the same time. In fact I remember, when we were in India(she in Kerala, me in Delhi) for our respective deliveries, we would call each other up now and then to talk about our heartburn, nausea, cravings, aversions, baby-kicks, so on and so forth.
When we moved to Doha, it was amazing to see how quickly the girls connected with each other.

I know we will stay in touch, but it will not be the same as living in the same building, knowing there’s a friend living right next door who you can run to for a heart-to-heart talk. Parting is so very hard! I will miss you, J and Namnam will miss O even more :).

This is how my past week has been. I hope the coming week will pass by more favorably and will give lot many moments to cheer about.

So, how have you been?