Day 12- If We Were Having Coffee..


  • I would tell you how glad I am that we are doing this. I have been seeing the #weekendcoffeeshare doing rounds of the blogosphere for a while now but never really thought of taking part. I read Shilpa’s post today, and thought this could be a fun concept. So here we are.
  • I’d tell you how, despite being here for more than two years, I have yet not got used to people who speak English with a ridiculously fake accent. Life is so superficial sometimes.
  • I’d tell you how unnerving the daily blogging ritual is, when words don’t cooperate and I reach my tether, then the thought of having to give up makes me not want to give up. Which gets me to drag some words out. One tap on ‘publish’ and it turns into an immensely relieving and liberating ritual!
  • I’d tell you how much those cryptic status updates by some Facebook-ers and even the Twitterati, since I have been lurking around that space too lately, turn me off. They give me a strange vindictive vibe when their views don’t sit well with others and get questioned. The look so flustered and lost.
  • I’d tell you how some selfie-clickers amaze me with their skill to hold their phones in a strategically right way for their “apple” to show off up in the frame! I wonder if they would be as skilled to flaunt if their phones were of a different make.

    Image courtesy- Google Image
    Image courtesy- Google Image
  • I’d ask you if you could notice from the above convesations that I loved gossiping. So if you enjoy gossiping over coffee just as much, it would be a pleasure to host you again 😉
  • I’d tell you that it’s almost 11.30 here, the weekend in this part of the world is well over. If I keep having coffee I may not wake up on time, may just have to drop the idea of sending Namnam to school tomorrow, further putting myself at a risk of being disowned by her. So till we meet again…


Shilpa, thank you for the idea! You are a life-saver 😀

The difference between a mother & a daughter

Mother: Molu**, are you free da? Shall we Skype?

Daughter: Nope Ma. Am at the parlour. And then I have to run a few errands. Busy day, Ma. Let me reach home OK!

No further questions asked. The whole day swishes by and the mother’s hope to see her daughter is left hanging in the air.

Next day…

Daughter: AMMA! (Yes, all caps to denote that she is shouting out on what’s app)

You there?

Be quick!!

Where are you?


Barrage of shout outs. But no response. The mother isn’t online yet.

The daughter places a frantic call.

The father picks up. Obviously unaware of the dire situation the daughter is in, he sets out on his own track

I know I know, mol! I know why you called. I am watching too. Federer is playing, right!!

Oh, Acha! I’ll catch the match later, ok. I didn’t call for that though. Where’s AMMA!  Can you pass the phone to her please?

No questions asked. The father passes the phone to the mother.

AMMA, don’t you have your phone with you?

No, da, I have been terribly busy. Haven’t had the time to even breathe!!

Well, I need your help! I need the recipe for Semiya Upma, right NOW!

That’s it? Is that why you are sounding so frantic?

YES! My pan is burning, Ma! Be quick.

OK OK. Will what’s app you the recipe right away.

No further questions asked. So what if the mother was busy. If the daughter summons, she had better be there for her! ;P


** Molu/Mol is an endearing way of addressing one’s daughter, in Malayalam