To judge a foot by its wear!

My foot, rather.

Nah dont get me wrong! I’m not swearing!

I am referring to my foot, literally. I, in fact, have been wondering about the role of footwear in my life.

What triggered this thought, you wonder?

Well, I was in the kitchen, one day, trying to make some sense out of whatever it is that I was cooking and all of a sudden I realized that I was late for school run. I didnt bother to change as I was wearing an outwear already. I was barefoot, so I just pulled out of my rack the first pair of shoes I saw to slip on and scurried out.

Barely a few meters drive, I was at a signal waiting for red to turn green. Now, because of a perennial leg-ache that has been bothering me for sometime, I have this habit of taking my feet off my shoes, when in static mode in the car, to relieve the pain, even if briefly, from the tight grip of the shoes . So while doing that, I casually glanced down to my feet only to realize that I was wearing an old, dreary looking pair of shoes. I couldn’t care less. I didn’t think it was hardly an issue to freak out on, so ignored the shoes and shifted my focus to other interesting things on road!

But this li’l observation did set me thinking about people, some of my friends even, who would never go wrong in choosing the right footwear for the right occasion. So much so that if faced with a similar situation, they probably would have hyper-ventilated on the casual over-sight of picking an unimpressive pair of shoes to wear! πŸ™‚

About two days back, again, I was on my way to drop Namnam for karate class after which I had plans to while away my waiting time by aimlessly wandering around a chic mall. I had remembered to be ‘dressed’ for the loitering-occasion with a new pair of jeans and top before stepping out of the house. But till the time I had stepped out of my car to go to the mall, I hadnt realized what shoes I had on.

I was wearing chappals!

I found myself wondering whether it would be appropriate to step inside the mall now. And I had a near face-palm moment when I saw all those smartly dressed people, wearing their shiny shoes, stilettos and platforms walking in and out. Yet again, I brushed aside the matter as a non-issue and walked in head on all confident hoping noone would give a glance to my feet!

As I was saying, I have observed that a lot of people give importance to footwear just as much as they would to their clothes, bags, hair, skin and such. I remember admiring this lady during a ride in Delhi Metro, a couple of months ago, for the sheer way she had ensured to dress up in a matching shade of green from head to toe! From gaudy green suit to green rubber band to green bangles to green nail-color to green clutch-purse to…yes, you guessed it sandals! I couldn’t help wondering about the time and pain she would have taken to get everything so colour coded!

Would such orderliness in people also mean that they would be as disciplined about every aspect of their life in general? I wonder.

I have friends who have an impressive collection of footwear with a pair for every occasion. And I admire them for that quality, I really do.

Having said that I have never been so perfect, where footwear department is concerned :). While I do love to shop for shoes, more often than not I end up picking them, keeping in mind the multiple occasions I can use them that I don’t confuse myself in deciding what to slip into! I make do with the same pair for most of the occassions, for (a) I’m lazy to decide which pair would go best with which of my dress, and (b) I’m just not so particular. The only thing I’m particular about is getting a regular pedicure and keeping my feet clean and crack-free as much as I can. But shoes, nay, not so much.

I’d rather spend that extra time on shopping for dresses, which is where my priorities on optimum splurging lie πŸ˜‰

Even while packing for vacations, I stuff a maximum of two pairs of footwear and if need be I wouldn’t even mind pulling a pair out if it would mean I can make space for an extra pair of dress! I guess its more of a matter of where you choose to invest your interests and energy in, right?

So how’s it with you all? What role does footwear play in your lives? πŸ™‚

P.S. Speaking of footwear, I’m seriously tempted to fling some of my choicest footwear real hard at some sick snooping politicos and disgusting journos for the way they have been shaming the nation with their acts ! Do you think I’ll get ‘atonement’ for doing that? πŸ˜‰

Has it happened to you…

~ That you lay your hands on a book you had been waiting to pick up, start reading it rightaway…few pages through, you get bored and leave the book as it is, unfinished? And one fine day, after many months, an intense craving to read grows inside you and you pull out the same book from your shelf, to read. This time, but, you are hooked?

~ That you walk past your neighbour’s house and find her garden so fully bloomed with flowers and greenery that you feel this terrible urge to run to the nursery to get some plants for your own garden?

~ That a singer, a practical stranger to you, touches you with her outstanding singing, virtually transporting you to a different world in such a way that tears start rolling down your eyes?

~ That you set out to the kitchen to get a spoon, on the way find a newspaper lying on the floor, pick it up, keep it on the table in its designated place, check your mobile to know what’s trending on FB, reach the kitchen and BAM you forget what you had come there for? Was it moon? Oh yeah, spoon! Argh!

~ That you drive through a busy rumble of traffic and all of a sudden this moron just cuts in from your side to go ahead and you let out an exasperated, ‘What the hell!’…just then your daughter springs up from the back seat to ask you admonishingly, ‘Did you just say “what the hell”, Amma?’ :-/

~ That you talk about your ‘Man Friday’ going on a cleaning spree around every nook and corner of the house and your brother thinks you’re referring to your husband, when you actually meant your domestic help? πŸ˜›

~ That you step of the house to go to the doc and half way through you realize that you have forgotten to carry your purse?? 😯

~ That you come face to face with a person whom you have met a couple of times, even interacted with once or twice, and who has done no harm to you whatsoever, yet, each time you see the person you sense a strong negative vibe?

~ That, while waiting at the traffic signal, you get so engrossed in ‘What’s App’-ing that you dont realize that the signal has turned green and all the vehicles in front of you have gone? And when you do look up, you see this big empty gap between your car and the stretch-end making you dawn on the fact that you have actually missed a whole cycle of the signal from red to green, all the while tapping into your phone and you’re now stuck back at red?!

****You say a meekly thanks to God for not sending any vehicles behind you to curse and swear honk at you furiously, keep your phone aside and slowly move on, fixing your eyes intently on the signal waiting to go green.****

Lets hear it for the ‘real’ people in power!

The terrorists! They have the power to keep us all on toes and make us dance to their gory-tunes. They bomb cities, crash into buildings, hijack air-planes all in the name of religion, faith or worse still, freedom!

The news channels are abuzz since morning with the Odisha MLA Jhina Hikaka’s release from the Maoists hold. I have been following this whole drama ever since the Maoists began their terrorizing intimidation by kidnapping Italian tourists and later on the MLA a month back. The Italian hostages were released after the government agreed to release some 27 prisoners of which some are hard-core Maoists. And now the MLA has been released on the condition that he will quit his post and snap all ties with his party.

Which sets me wondering how vulnerable we still are to threats and black-mailing, how challenged we still are when it comes to the security of our nation. These terror-mongers are the ones who are really running the show for us, arent they? They call the shots, they decide who should be in power, who should not. Who should be arrested and who to be released. And if there’s any deviation to their strategies they resort to all possible crimes from extortion, to hijacking our air-planes to abducting ministers,tourists, etc. to murdering innocent people. They may have their reasons for rebellion, but does holding the nation to ransom justify their cause?

And as I type the words there are efforts being made to secure the release of the district collector who has been abducted by the very Maoists. Will the government successfully find ways to rescue him and put an end to the Naxalite hooliganism or will they cow down to the terrorizing pressure yet again?

**Some fleeting thoughts that needed letting out, pardon the vagueness in the post**