Day 14- Moony Monday

Began with the usual morning chore. Packed an omelette some cheese slices and a few Oreos along with Namnam to school.

Then packed R to office.

Then set off to pack myself to the library

Enjoyed every bit of my time there.

Met an interesting person, a fellow volunteer. He told us that he visited his daughter once in a year and quite enjoyed whiling away his time by helping out in the library once in a while. He was quite old, probably as old as my father, which made it even more adorable to see him so spirited and so eager to learn.

After the library work, went to Namnam’s school to watch her perform in a play. Like always I sat there like a bundle of nerves, at the edge of my seat shuddering at the thought of her forgetting her lines and came back all proud and overcome by emotions to see my baby rock it on stage!

And now while wondering what to post, it struck me that today was a significant day. It was the day of the super moon. So out we ran to see the moon which was believed to be the biggest and brightest one to rise in 69 years. And click this pic as a proof.




So thats Moony Monday for you all 😛

Has it happened to you…

~ That you lay your hands on a book you had been waiting to pick up, start reading it rightaway…few pages through, you get bored and leave the book as it is, unfinished? And one fine day, after many months, an intense craving to read grows inside you and you pull out the same book from your shelf, to read. This time, but, you are hooked?

~ That you walk past your neighbour’s house and find her garden so fully bloomed with flowers and greenery that you feel this terrible urge to run to the nursery to get some plants for your own garden?

~ That a singer, a practical stranger to you, touches you with her outstanding singing, virtually transporting you to a different world in such a way that tears start rolling down your eyes?

~ That you set out to the kitchen to get a spoon, on the way find a newspaper lying on the floor, pick it up, keep it on the table in its designated place, check your mobile to know what’s trending on FB, reach the kitchen and BAM you forget what you had come there for? Was it moon? Oh yeah, spoon! Argh!

~ That you drive through a busy rumble of traffic and all of a sudden this moron just cuts in from your side to go ahead and you let out an exasperated, ‘What the hell!’…just then your daughter springs up from the back seat to ask you admonishingly, ‘Did you just say “what the hell”, Amma?’ :-/

~ That you talk about your ‘Man Friday’ going on a cleaning spree around every nook and corner of the house and your brother thinks you’re referring to your husband, when you actually meant your domestic help? 😛

~ That you step of the house to go to the doc and half way through you realize that you have forgotten to carry your purse?? 😯

~ That you come face to face with a person whom you have met a couple of times, even interacted with once or twice, and who has done no harm to you whatsoever, yet, each time you see the person you sense a strong negative vibe?

~ That, while waiting at the traffic signal, you get so engrossed in ‘What’s App’-ing that you dont realize that the signal has turned green and all the vehicles in front of you have gone? And when you do look up, you see this big empty gap between your car and the stretch-end making you dawn on the fact that you have actually missed a whole cycle of the signal from red to green, all the while tapping into your phone and you’re now stuck back at red?!

****You say a meekly thanks to God for not sending any vehicles behind you to curse and swear honk at you furiously, keep your phone aside and slowly move on, fixing your eyes intently on the signal waiting to go green.****

Koi Lautade Mere Beete Hue Din…

…at least the 10 days that have gone by, rather swished by!

How wonderful it would be if you could go back in time and relive the beautiful days you spent with your family, all over again!

– The days spent lazing around carefree, with either a book in your hand or simply watching your daughter run around with absolutely no worry to run after her because you knew there already were three people who were more preferred to do the honour!

– The days spent watching your daughter climb up the shelves of her grandparents’ wardrobes, like a monkey and flick li’l things from there and sneak them into your bag. And then hearing her tell them how badly those things were needed in ‘her house’ instead making you reminisce about the time when you used to do the same 🙂

– The days spent stuffing yourself with the umpteenth serving of gajar-halwa made ‘lip-smacking-iciously’ by your ma and still craving for more.

– The days spent waiting for the tikki/golgappe-wala to come to your block and then rushing out to book your place with other residents, when he did come tom-tomming on his large frying pan with a spatula. And then devouring and relishing every bite and sipping the spicy jaljeera thereafter….oooooohhhhh!

– The days spent hopping from one shop to another splurging away and realizing in the process that no joy matched up to the joy of shopping with your mother :).

– The days spent rediscovering your city through lanes and by-lanes in a cycle-rickshaw with your daughter perching herself amazingly well right at the backseat and your heart skipping a beat every time the rickshaw-puller maneuvered through a jam-packed traffic and finally letting out a relieving sigh when he got you to your destination successfully.

– The days spent rushing up to the terrace as soon as the sun came out, with a pack of moongfalis and a book and your daughter following right after with her homework-sheet.

– The days spent grinding your teeth in the biting cold and yet loving every bit of the chill and breathing in every bit of Dilli ki sardi! Brrrrrrrr!!

How I wish I could have those days back! But as it turns out, its back to the grrrrind!

Anyway, how have you all been? Hope you all had a rocking start to the year.