Can I get extra two minutes of sleep, please..pwetty please?

The one thing that I absolutely dislike about mornings is waking up early. I  am just not a morning person. I have always been a night owl. I can stay awake till the wee hours. But can never willingly wake up early

Yes I love sunrises, early morning blooms, even enjoy listening to birds chirping and chattering. I love love love my morning tea.

But. But. But.

I do not love the one process that leads up to the things that I love. Yes, the process of waking up :/

I have an alarm pre-set to go off every morning at 5. And every morning, off it goes making me cringe and moan and press my face deep into my pillow. Then I just mumble in mind that 15 minutes of extra snooze wouldn’t harm me or disrupt my schedule, and I toss myself back down in bed. 15 minutes later, much as I wish to give myself some more extra minutes of sleep, the impending morning rush that awaits me makes me push the wish in the back burner.

Even while I was a kid, I used to hate getting up in the morning. Especially in the winters. Delhi winters to be more precise. Where I used to get one of the best sleeps in the world under my razai all snuggled up! I remember how I would get furious, with an inexplicable amount of jealousy mixed into it as masala,  with Achan, whenever I had to wake up super early for school while he enjoyed the luxury of waking up a little later than me!

Anyway, its this love for sleep that makes me dislike waking Namnam up early too. When I see her in blissful calm and serenity, I find so really hard to break the slumber. There are times when I find her is deep in sleep, tired and exhausted too, thats when I ask her if she would like to have a few more minutes nap. The joyous smile that she gives in her sleep, at having earned that extra time is just hard to miss.

The weekend is here, which means 2 days of no early waking! And I’m going to make the most of it. So off I go Zzzzzzzzzz!


Rambling #11- Sleep-Ramblingzzzz contd.(cheat post :P)

The eyes are less droopy today. So I think I can continue with my sleep rambling. Although I wouldn’t mind going back to the room and sliding myself under the quilt and taking another trip along the snoozeland, but then that would keep everything else planned for the day on standstill. More than that my mind would keep drifting back to Namnam who has had a far more exhausting week what with her crazy school and after-school activity schedule. She is the one in need of some good uninterrupted sleep more than anyone! She would never admit it though. She absolutely abhors sleeping. She considers it a waste of time. She’d rather utilize the time either reading or watching her shows or playing around or simply sitting and glaring into the sky or basically anything but sleep.

This aversion of hers to sleeping rattles me because I love sleeping and obviously I think my child would take after me in that department :P! See, isn’t that how the rule works? A doctor’s child becomes a doctor, a scientist’s child a scientist, a foodie’s child a foodie, a sleepy-head’s child grows up to be a sleepy-head! But just then I remember the contribution of the Y chromosome in creating the child. And incidentally its his genes that she seems to have taken after, I realize. My husband. The man shares a very ceremonious relationship with sleep. He sleeps purely because his body needs it. And that’s how our child treats it too.

Which reminds me, for all the love that I showcase on sleeping, this much preferred activity has landed me in trouble too once, eons ago. I must have been a fourth or fifth grader, can’t remember too well. What I do remember is how much I hated waking up in the mornings! But of course there was no choice, as I didn’t want to miss school. So began catching up on some

The day used to start insanely early for me, my brother & our Ma. Since the distance between our home and school was quite a bit, and also with no school bus in service, we used to set out even earlier than the time usually needed to cover the distance. But fortunately Ma was a teacher in our school, so we used to travel together. However our morning routine used to be a strenuous tussle more for Ma than me & my brother. Waking us up in time brushing her own sleepiness aside, and prodding us zombies every now and then in between her own chores, to get ready for school in time and scooting out to the bus stop with our bags and us in tow and then ensuring that we had got inside the heavily crowded DTC bus before dragging herself in was no mean feat.

On one such maddening day, we were in the packed bus, with Ma standing in one corner carrying by kindergartner brother, while I inched my way towards the front and managed to find a seat. Now this routine had initiated another sub-routine for the sleepy-head in me! The minute I found a seat I used to plonk myself and go dozing off till Ma would come and flick me as a cue to deboard. But that day, somehow the bus was so crowded that she couldn’t spot me in time to alert. Assuming that I would have gotten up, she carried on to the door and got off the bus.

I woke up all refreshed after my siesta, only to find something amiss around my surrounding. The bus was suddenly fairly empty and the views outside looked strangely unfamiliar. Reality hit me hard. I realized that my love for sleep had gotten the better of me I was well past my stop. Fortunately an acquaintance, sensing my unsettled look, figured out that I had lost my way. She travelled back with me and soon I was in my school all relieved and smiling and jumping with joy.

Whenever my memory takes me back to this little misadventure, the one thing that I unfailingly do is say a little prayer to God for sending that kind lady my way that day!

Anyway I vowed after that day never to be complacent and so callous. Hoever let me reiterate that I still love my sleep! 😀