Meri Awaz Suno :)

Which literally means,’please hear my voice’ 🙂

Now most of you who read me know how much I love music. It is a very integral part of my life. I even have a humming page in the blog where I share some of the wonderful songs that I hear at any given point of time and hum through.

What I also love doing is sing. I have always nurtured a desire to record a song in my own voice. Its a different matter though that I have never liked my voice much, probably because of which the drive to record never really took off to fruition. But when ever I have listened to fabulous singers-cum-friends like Vimmuuu and so many others and seen them upload their wonderful creations online, the urge to record has only gotten stronger. Vimmuuu can tell you the number of times I have pestered him with my silly requests to get a recording right :D. And I cant thank him enough for being a sweetheart always ready with his precious advice and guidance :).

*Vimmu, surprisingly it was fairly easy to type all those nice words about you,really! I fear if you’re losing your devilish streak* 😛 😛

A couple of weeks back while chatting with a friend, another amazing singer, I got to know about an application which I could download onto my phone and use to record songs with some inbuilt tracks. So I downloaded it and tried a hand at recording once again. R did some tweaking and mixing with the background tracks and merged them with my voice.

Vimmuuu has already given a go ahead, so here I am sharing it on the blog :).

Now its for you to see how it sounds :). I still have a lot of improvement and practice needed, I have even missed a couple of beats, so its not as great as it should be. Nevertheless its the first time I have attempted something like this, so here it goes… hope you enjoy 🙂

Tunefully Worded Wednesday!

A song that I have been humming for the last 5days and am still not bored! Seems to grow on to me more and more. So unlike today’s songs!  Err…lets not talk about the film though 😀

The last I was hooked to a song for so long was when ‘Kolaveri’ was the anthem! It took a certain Anna H to come out with his murdering-version to get the song out of my head! I hope he doesnt do any such thing with this song though for I am in no mood to let go of it yet!


Enjoy and have a lovely week ahead! 🙂



Oh and yes I am head over heels in love with that voice BTW ♥