And thus the tooth fairy comes visiting us too..


Namnam had been waiting for this day forever!

I wish I could show the excitement and thrill writ large on our faces here! Yes, it’s not just Namnam, but her father, mother and grandfather who have been jumping around with joy at this milestone! I am laughing as I type all this…we are one crazy family, I tell you!

I had to literally twist, pull, twist, shake and pluck the tooth out since the new tooth was already beginning to peep its head out. As for Namnam.. well, she had a big wide smile splashed on her face through the entire extraction, all the while blood oozing out of her mouth! She kept screaming ‘OW!’ and at the same time happily jumping with each twist loosening her tooth!

As soon as the tooth was out, she squealed, I squealed, we all squealed out loud in delight! 🙂

Namnam kept going to the bathroom to swish her mouth to rinse, each time coming back to tell us excitedly how the ‘water went THROUGH the gap’ in her mouth! 🙂

The rest of us, then took out our respective cameras, kept running after her to get shots of the million-dollar toothless smile from various angles :D.

The tooth has safely been kept in a box for the tooth fairy. Namnam has expressed a desire for money as her gift, so Amma fairy tooth fairy shall be granting that wish of hers soon..