Happy 2016!

Sometimes all you seek out is a quaint peaceful green nook to ring in the New Year..and all we did was snuggle up to it.



The year has kicked off on a rainy refreshing note already! Yup, it rained here in Dubai land, the whole of yesterday. And today the weather is just heavenly. *breaks into a twist dance with her two left feet*

And while the weather is favourable, I think the time is right to make some resolutions.

  • To start with, I plan to shed some kilos off me, that I have accumulated especially in the last few days that I went visiting home. I have no particular target, but I guess a good 3-4 months should be a doable period to reduce some 3-4 kgs? Let’s see..
  • Read more books. Oh I have already set this particular resolution in motion by picking up some good books from Bombay and downloading a few more on my Kindle. Now its just a matter of setting out on a reading spree with them. Hopefully it should be a good ride.
  • Learn new recipes, at least 3. Now the year gone by hasn’t been all that exciting in terms of my culinary skills. Not that I am an expert at it, but I do like to indulge in some baking and cooking when an occassion demands or I am in a charitable mood to attempt my experiments on R & Namnam. So off I go on a delicious quest for some food blogs!
  • Revive my music, not limit myself to listening to any particular kind, sing more often, and keep my vocal chords from dying a slow death 😀
  • Unpack the luggage in the next one day week month…starting from from the next minute!!

Hope you all had a refreshing start to the year as well! 🙂