Weekend muse, where art thou?- Day 4


The day dawned late. It’s a weekend here, so…I’m very lazy today.


Can I do a Wordless Wednesday on a Friday and get today’s post done with?

No? Darn!

Alright then, let me look around the house for some muse.

Hmm..do I see anything worth musing over? Nope.

What I see are some cushions strewn about the couch; a bunch of newspapers peeking out from under the center table; Namnam’s swimming bag lying listlessly on the sofa; her school bag lying shut with a clear ‘I’m on weekend mode too’ sign! I walk over to the kitchen, there I am met with all my pans and dishes lying here and there, waiting to be stacked back in the shelves. There’s a’Monica Geller within me springing vigorously to come out and organize everything around and make the home spotlessly clean.

And then there’s a me within me warning me that weekends are not meant to be messed with cleaning. So I stay put.

Image Courtesy- Google
Image Courtesy- Google

Next I drift my mind to Ae Dil Hai Mushkil that I just watched and I start crying. Not because of its terribly weak story. In fact I liked the film despite its weak plot. I’m sad because I feel sorry for Ranbir Kapoor. He is such a fine actor who is sadly getting bracketed into same kind of roles 😦

And that’s it for now. My mind is numbed. I need some tea. Off I go.

Have a good weekend you all!