When a fun day meant for kids turns as much fun for the parents..

Then its no less than a day well spent, right?

The summer has been trying to peek its head way too many times lately with the cool, fresh, wintery air that we have been waking up to for the past few months getting replaced off and on by warm and stuffy one. While the nights have been largely nippy still, the days have been a shuffle between cool and crisp breeze with balmy and sandy wind occasionally thrown in. Which makes me realize that in a few weeks this pleasant weather will make way for the ferocious summer :(.

So how do we make the most of the last few bits of the favourable weather left? We head out to the park and give ourselves a go…kids and grown ups alike!

And that’s what we did yesterday.

Now most of our Fridays are spent either by staying at home or strolling around the shops and malls ogling at all the displays or taking the same old ride in the gondola or checking in to the usual kiddy-zones with Namnam. So, yesterday when Namnam suggested that we go to the park, it sounded like the perfect change to the routine. And luckily the day was perfect for outdoors with just the right amount of sunlight to brighten up our day and the lovely breeze to cool our hearts :).

And to make it even better and more fun, we were joined by my friend and her family too. So without much of a dilly-dally, we geared ourselves up with our flying discs, bike, trike and camera and off we zoomed to the newly opened Museum of Islamic Art Park.

Needless to say it was a joy-ride from the word go.

While the kids cycled around the park, occasionally stopping by the fountain to splash water at each other, the mothers tagged along beside them to join in the splashing fun :). And the fathers? Well, they had the flying disc and foot-ball to help them bring out the zestful child in them!
Then there was bungee-jumping which had both mamas and papas give their adventurous selves some real good push! We were tied to a harness each and asked to jump on a trampoline and lift ourselves up as high as we could! I know I know…not the real deal but it did give us as much of an an adrenaline-rush! And a fantastic exercise for our abs πŸ˜€

Anyway after the bungee-stint, while the mothers were drained of their energy, the kids and fathers were clearly not. So they had another round of miniature foot-ball, took few dig-ins at the sand-corner and some rounds of slides and swings and other rides, while us moms captured the priceless moments into our cameras and sealed them in our hearts!

Now let me stop right there and have the images do some talking too πŸ™‚


And splasssshhhh some more!

And after the bungee-jumpers’ show, it’s time for the acrobats to spring into action…

And its a goal!

With that we’re ready to drag and pull ourself and our bike and head homewards..

This is how our weekend was. How has it been for you all?

Onasadya, movie, summer break, et al.

So how was Onam for you all? Hope it was as yummyful as mine was. Yes I prepared a mini-sadya like I had mentioned in my earlier post, albeit with some able help from Amma whom I kept texting at frequent intervals for recipe-guidance :). Even though it was not an elaborate spread as I would have loved to have, yet I had a sense of huge achievemnt when I laid them on the table. You see, one must consider my hatred for cooking and anything remotely close to the chore to understand this sense of accomplishment :D.

And this sense was magnified when R perched on top of the table to click a photograph πŸ˜€ Here’s the proof …

Onasadya @ Deeps'

I have to say though, that Namnam, the fussy-eater that she is, had to be told that Maveli would come home and have sadya with us only on the condition that she would eat all that was prepared. Upon hearing this she, very excitedly, looked around only to enquire about his obvious absence. Now, being such a happy occasion, the last thing we wanted was for her to feel dejected. So I told her that now since he was blessed, he was just like God who could see her and reside in her heart. The things a mother has to say to get her daughter to eat :). Anyway, needless to say she was convinced and agreed to eat without much fuss. And just one look at the relished-faces of the father & daughter was enough for me to take it as a stamp of approval for my effort :).

After a good sadya followed by an afternoon siesta, it was time to venture out. Since it was a weekend, we had good one day and a half and enough energy to make some constructive use of it. But the blockhead that I was, I suggested we go for a movie instead! And which one ,you may ask! It was Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Yeah yeah, hoot all you want :(. How was I to know that it was one of the most pathetic movies to come out in the recent past? The reason why I suggested the film was because I thought we’d get to see some interesting acting. Noooo, nooo, not Imran Khan’s! C’mon I’m not so stupid that I’d expect him to act, of all the people! In fact I was more interested in watching Ali Zafar who I had really liked in Tere Bin Laden. And it had some peppy songs which Namnam loved, so it was not a task to convince her to come along. But half hour into the movie and we realized the true worth of it or worthlessness of it, rather.

All it had to offer was Katrina Kaif, who seemed to have used up all her acting skills on shrieking, shrieking and more shrieking! I’m sure she will give a stiff competition to Anu Malik, really. Ok now I completely respect her decision to dub in her own voice, but could she, please, not mouth dialogues of timeless classics in her ‘brit’ accent and make a hash of them?? Some classics are just meant to be what they are- classics! Just let them be. Filmmakers, are you listening?? And Imran Khan, well…he seemed to have tried to make up for his lack of acting skills by relying heavily on his eyebrows! Needless to mention, they failed miserably. Which hardly left Ali Zafar any space on screen. Or so I thought. Lets not even get into the plot or cinematography or music as there’s nothing worth mentioning.

So as it turned out, barely an hour or so into the movie, we were out of the hall and on our way back! Phew!

The next day passed by faster than I had thought as it was the last day of Namnam’s summer hols and we got busy packing the school bag, ironing the uniform, brushing her shoes, and of course stocking up the fridge with nuggets, and butter and jam and juice and other tidbits for the whole week.

So thats it from this end of the world. The summer break is officially over. Barring Federer’s loss in the US Open, the season has started on a promising note with some lovely weather in sight. I’m hoping it gets better and lasts for the rest of the year.

With that let me sign out out my blog page and start hopping by yours πŸ™‚

Weekend Randomness ( NaBloPoMo- Take 18)

The weekend is almost on its way out and I’m in no mood to let it go! Rather I’m too lazy too let it go. Too lazy to even write a post. So let me just get inspired by Pepper and shoot some bullets at you.

– Namnam had a swimming assessment to get enrolled into the next session from September onwards. Needless to say, she is super-excited about it.

– We kicked off the weekend by barging into our friends’ house and chatting away late into the night.

– Friday was more about waking up late, cursing the horrid summer heat for not letting us go out and then finding a more interesting alternate in swimming and feeling refreshed.

– Today, however, with the weather relatively better, we went to visit Mathaf, the arab museum of moden art, only to realize that I couldn’t appreciate modern or ancient art as much as the father and daughter could. They were so awed and impressed by what they saw that they sat right there with their drawing sheets and colour pencils to make some abstract sketches of their own πŸ˜€

– The later half of the day was spent by R & I by treating ourselves to our favorite movie Andaaz Apna Apna, for the Nth time while Namnam decided to carry on with her artwork πŸ™‚

So thats pretty much it for today. Hopefully next week I will have something more interesting to share.

Till then, its bye-bye!