Day 18- Breakfast in this part of the world today..

is nothing out of the ordinary..hee!



I usually take the lazy route on weekends and stay away from ambitious breakfast projects, unless I have guests over or family visiting. So here’s presenting sandwiches out of leftover chicken keema and another batch with staple Nutella as a weekend reward along with some orange juice and milk 😀

What’s for breakfast your end ?


Day 10- Almost

So Day 10 is here.

So is the weekend.

So is Christmas..well almost. At least that’s what Facebook and supermarkets in the area have me believe. What with so many Christmas tree pics popping up on my timeline and Santa hats starting to show up in racks. Clearly Christmas is round the corner. The year is almost over! And I’m so not ready to say bye bye to it yet.

Speaking of Facebook, a friend had shared a picture of her 11 year old, who had grown almost as tall as her mother. And it struck me that the last I saw the little big girl was when she was a new-born. It struck me harder to realize how time had flown!

There’s a 10 year old in my life too who was sulking for no reason, a little while ago, and upon being told how she was showing signs of a teenager, sat upright with a renewed energy yelping a yayy and reminded how she had to wait for only 3 more years till she was one. Sigh!

Anyway none of the above sentences have absolutely any relation to each other. I just wanted to type some words so they would add volume to the post and I can jump around feeling good about publishing even if it is rubbish 😀

The week gone by was fun. The lunch date with my girl-friends aside, I had two days of library sessions which were quite rewarding. For the uninitiated, giving me blank looks, I have recently started helping out at a library which is entirely run by volunteers. It’s been a fantastic experience being surrounded by books. It feels wonderful to be working with people with a common love for books. I don’t just get to be surrounded by books. I get to touch them, feel them, talk to them, cuddle them, and also bring them home!

This week I also heard chirping of some migratory birds in my neighborhood, that officially signalled a change in the weather. I can’t wait to enjoy the next few months of good weather ahead. In fact we have already started to feel it. There’s a slight nip in the air in the evenings when I go walking. The sunsets have been glorious, making me pull out my phone and go click click click! What amazes me is when nature presents a beautiful view, what I see with my naked eyes doesn’t always translate in the same way when it gets captured into my camera. The image turns into something entirely different! There’s beauty in both the views though which I can’t really compare or explain in words. That’s nature!

On that note leaving you with this sunset view from yesterday. The skies were particularly gracious. Probably they too were excited about the weekend up ahead 😉



Off I go now before I burn my pooris! Multitasking has never been my forte.

Have a good week/end ahead you all!

Day 6- So Friday was about..

getting these sorted in place..


And realizing in the process how much of a book-hoarder we had turned into. As Namnam had shockingly exclaimed as soon as she walked into the room,” Oh my God! I didn’t realize we had so many books in this house!”.

Well I, of course thought that we could do better!

So I’m off to place some bulk order. Flipkart, Amazon, you be ready!