When you walk into the bedroom..

And see your daughter deep in sleep, you begin to wonder, when did she grow so big enough to sleep by herself? When did she learn to smile? To walk, to run, to speak? When did she learn to love you, hug you? Where did all the 6 years go? When did time fly?

Then you gently walk upto her, snuggle up to wrap your arm around her, plant a few kisses…right then you sense her taking her hand out of the quilt to stroke your arm up and down. You realize this is something she has always done no matter how deep in sleep she is, as though reassuring you, ‘Yes, Amma, I will always love you’.

Just then you feel another arm placed on top. You lift your head to see the father snuggled up to wrap her and plant a few kisses and probably going through the same line of thoughts as he watches his daughter sleep. Then she does it again..she takes her hand out, which is now cocooned in between the mother and father’s, and starts stroking the father’s arm up and down as a mark of reassurance. ‘Yes Papa, I will always love you’.

You realize right there and then how blessed you are for the life you have. You realize, sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

With a grateful smile on your face, you put your head down and lie back down for some more while wishing for the time to stay still..

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Day24: GO









The calmness of sea is calling you…


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On a totally unrelated note…

You show signs of senility when you place a jar of chilly powder next to a jar of Boost on the kitchen top, suddenly wonder( with a fair bit of certainty) if you may have ended up using the former to mix in the milk you boiled for your daughter!

One quick dip of finger in the pan of milk to taste and you realize that senility is safely kept at bay…for now at least πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Have a sane weekend, everyone! πŸ™‚

Weekend Randomness (NaBloPoMo- Take 3)

Good Morning!

Its going to be almost 10 in the morning and our day just started about half hour back. Namnam is still sleeping though and R & I are lazing around with our morning tea and laughing our heads off watching Friends. Yep, its weekend and we start the day on a laughing and a lazy note :).

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In fact the laziness starts to set in from Thursday evening itself. My kitchen becomes non-functional because I become non-functional, unless of course we have guests over. For someone who hates cooking, I find the whole process of scrounging through the refrigerator for vegetables and deciding on what to cook every single day and evening of the week extremely monotonous through the week, something I find very very boring. And to top it up with cutting those vegetables( thankfully I have my house-help who does that for me most of the days), taking the pan out , heating oil, sauting, boiling, adding spices, garnishing!! Grrrrr! So one of the reasons I look forward to weekends is that I get to stay away from cooking because we are out mostly.

And Y’day we applied the non-functional rule on the kitchen and ate out. R & I talked and talked about mundane things with Namnam chipping in with her own updates of her school life. And a constant reminder that she was to bake a cake right after we got home because she wanted to take it to her friend. I kept ‘aye-ing’ to her to escape the pestering. We got back around 10 in the night and madam still remembered her unfinished chore of baking the cake. The pestering went for another hour or so till I convinced her that it was too late bake and take the cake to her friend’s as she would be asleep and that it would be better if she made it in the morning.

And now Namnam is up and the first thing she says is that she has to bake! I wonder if she even slept through the night! Anyway I dont think there’s anymore scope to escape. So am off to help mademoiselle to bake the cake :).

Guess the day is not going to be about being non-functional and lazing around after all!! πŸ˜€

If the cake turns out well, it will settle my tomorrow’s NaBloPoMo post else will have to think of something else to bore you all with! Stay tuned!

On a different note though, what do you all think about the whole Osama-hullabaloo? Do you really believe all that is being said? I think there’s something fishy in the whole encounter. I somehow want to believe all that Obama & his commandos are conveying or are trying to but I cant help but notice the timing of all this announcement just when he is due to contest the election for the second consecutive run in office.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, all you living in this side of the world :). And to the rest, have a great day ahead πŸ™‚