Drop Everything And Read!

Says Namnam’s school and I couldnt be happier!

I have always believed that nothing can be more enriching and empowering than a simple act of reading. Reading can open the door to different worlds. It can make you grow, it can make you wiser. It can make you spread the wings of your imagination infinitely.

Even though, if given a choice she would prefer tearing a page out of a book and try making a lamp-shade out of it for her obvious love for craft rather than picking up her story books and read πŸ˜€ , yet the glowing look of achievement in her eyes is hard to miss on days when she pulls out a book from her shelf and manages to read sentences successfully, albeit with some help from me when she gets stuck at big words. And that achievement makes her eager to try out more which in turn makes me happily rush to the book store to buy more books for her :).

What also makes me happy as a parent is when schools stress on the very aspect of reading and the importance of making it a way of life, to the children and take measures to ensure every student develops a reading habit. Because not always do we get to see a deviation from the same old method of rote-learning in schools, do we? School that take pride in pushing the children into mugging up their lessons and scoring an A+ without even caring to know if they enjoy reading their books or if they are having fun while learning.

I am yet to figure out if CBSE’s* international curriculum which we have opted for Namnam is truly international as it claims to be or if its a case of old wine in new bottle.

Yet when I came across the concept of DEAR week while checking for updates for the week on her school’s web-portal, it made me think here was a school which truly understood the importance of inculcating good reading habits in children.

Now what is DEAR week you may wonder! It is a programme initiated to encourage children to pick up a book and read. DEAR means Drop Everything And Read! The students are to bring a book of their choice to school. A bell will be rung at any point of the day signalling the students to drop whatever it is that they are doing and pick their books and start reading. The reading is to go on till the bell is rung again after 10 minutes.

Namnam comes home and tells excitedly that she gets to finish the pages even before the bell is rung, I can sense how much she has been enjoying this activity.

“Oh I love millions and gillions of books!” says my child when she runs to her room to pick a book of her choice to take to school the following day. I wish her may this love only grow!

While I plan to voice my concerns at the school’s Open House, over her teacher’s behavior towards her, I also intend to let them know how much I, as a parent, appreciate them for this wonderfully encouraging activity.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.- Charles W. Eliot

* CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education

24 thoughts on “Drop Everything And Read!

  1. This is such a great news Deeps, I remember when we were kids,we didnt need any reason to read growing up was comic books-champak-nandan-famousfive and tons of books,somewhere that art got lost but whenever i see kids reading story books it makes me so happy..this year Bonita is in senior year and has got library classes….she is still not into that zone where Namnam is but will be there one day….
    Hugs to my cutie pie Namnam, may she find goodreads everywhere and may these reads inspire her to explore and go beyond the z in her life….


    1. Aww I have no doubt that Bonita will be raring to give wings to her imagination with her books in hand very soon! May God bless the li’l darling always!
      Namnam has got library classes too from this year and she was thrilled when she got to see a room full of books πŸ˜€ Unfortunately we have a dearth of good libraries here 😦


      1. The saddest part is absence of library…where we live there arent any..so we have to buy books…
        I loved Namnams excitement on seeing room full of books..She will go places Deep ..not many kids her age are so thrilled to see books,they would rather be on net….


        1. “they would rather be on net….” tell me about it! Not that the internet doesnt have any interesting things to offer. It does have plethora of interesting and informative material for children, no doubt, but somehow I feel its growing dominance on our children is kind of impacting them to such a level that their physical and mental energies tend to stagnate.


  2. Terrific piece of news, Deeps. Like you rightly said, there’s nothing like reading to open up new worlds. I am glad Namnam is enjoying it so much. Once a habit, this will surely last. πŸ™‚


  3. Wow Deeps..this is SUPERB! I wish more schools would take up this initiative…

    LOL on tear the page and make a craft…Muah to her πŸ™‚


  4. The idea behind DEAR is wonderful,kids who don’t like reading will take up reading by seeing other kids doing it.

    In Dubai varu used to have a class which they used to call reading class in which kids used to read one page from a reading program book given to them by the school every day.i don’t find anything that sort here.


  5. Wow! That’s such a WOW initiative!! I am a firm believer that reading should start early in a kid’s life… it widens their horizon soooo much! Glad to hear about your lil one’s interest in this field! Damn cool! πŸ™‚


    1. It does shilpa, I believe so too! And thats why I was so happy when I saw her school come up with this fantastic concept. The kids can gain so much out if it!


  6. That is just wonderful, Deeps! I can so imagine how you must be feeling seeing her so excited about reading! I used to wonder a couple of years back if Kunju would enjoy reading the way I do, and today, I feel she reads more than I do πŸ™‚ She reads while brushing her teeth. *rolls eyes* The best gift, we can give them, in my opinion is a love of books. And what better when the schools are equally committed too!

    This was so so so wonderful to read! Hugs and loads of kisses to Namnam!


    1. I am not sure if Namnu is as passionate a reader as Kunju yet, Smits. As you know she is more into art and craft. I am not complaining though for I know how much she enjoys it and how beuatifully her imagination works when she has a crayon and a paper in hand. But I am also glad that she has taken to reading just as well :). I hope her drive to read grows further πŸ™‚


  7. DEAR sounds like a wonderful initiative!!Drop evrything and read–wow, its sure to be loads of fun for the kids, besides motivating them to read faster. Kudos to CBSE for coming up with this!

    I so agree that one of the the best thing we can gift our children as parents is a love for books. It is not all that easy in this day and age when there are so many distractions in the form of Tv and video-games. Parents of kids who love reading surely deserve a pat on their backs πŸ™‚


  8. Hugs to Namnam! πŸ™‚
    and DEAR sounds fantastic! I truly believe the words of Charles W. Eliot πŸ™‚


  9. Wow DEAR strategy is awesome and must sure be interesting for students-even those who don’t as much like reading πŸ™‚ Kudos to the school πŸ™‚

    Ditto on trying to inculcate the reading habit in Chirpy…we too have had few books even before she was born and today I’m glad she has her own little library of 20 books πŸ™‚ which she insists on reading,well turning pages and identifying characters πŸ™‚ We are glad that today she knows the concept of books,and we are hopeful as she grows she takes up a liking for reading πŸ™‚

    such a lovely quote at the end Deeps!


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