Confession of a Jealous…err… Neglected Mom

The only downside of a weekend is that your child doesn’t even want to acknowledge that you’re around as she wants to make the most of the day by spending all her time with her Papa…. and maybe even complain about how much of a mean & a bickering mom you’ve been through the week 😦 😦

All is fair in love and war!

Day & Time: 27 Jan 2010, around 8PM

Mama,Papa and Namnam are heading back after a nice short drive to a nearby mart.

Namnam: Papa,can you put the ‘train song’ please? I want to hear the ‘train song’.

Mama: Not now,Namnam, we’re about to reach home. You can hear it tomorrow,Ok?

Papa, grabbing this opportunity to rise in his daughter’s expectations, takes out the CD and plays the song.

Needless to say, Namnam shrieks with joy.

And to cash in on the situation even further, Papa asks, ‘Namnam, who do you love more-Mama or Papa?’

Namnam doesnt even take a second to reply,‘ Papa’.

Papa shoots an evil glance(which can be misconstrued as an I-am-innocent smile) at Mama through the rear-view mirror.

Mama shoots back with a wait-till-I-get-a-revenge smile.

Day & Time: 28 Jan 2010, 930AM… real time update.

Mama has baked Namnam’s favorite chocolate cake which she cant wait to serve her when she gets back from school.

Oh, and yes, she cant wait to know what the reply will be when she asks her li’l one, ‘ Namnam who do you love more-Mama or Papa?’

She knows what the answer will be.

And she breaks into an evil laugh…. ‘Papa, I declare war.’ 👿 👿 👿

PS: In case you all are wondering which is the train song, here it is

Dear Namnam,

Today is the most memorable day in Amma & Papa’s life.The day when God blessed us,three years back,with the most beautiful and precious angel.You.

Yet it seems like yesterday that you were placed in my arms for the first time.I didnt even know how to hold you properly,yet I knew we were a part of each other and I could never let go of you.I could so hold you close to me for life!

Your Papa & I remember every stage of your life ever since.Your first smile,when you burst into giggles at the mere sight of us making faces at you.When you rolled over for the first time,and then crawled in the next stage,to reach every nook and corner of the house.When you learnt to stand up unaided,then walk and then run as though theres no stopping you.

Our happiness had no bounds when you addressed us ‘Amma’ & ‘Papa’ for the first time.You began to pick up more and more words,eventually amaze us by rattling off in sentences.Now,however,the situation is such that we have to be always on guard while conversing around or with you lest you pick up any wrong word!

The last one year,especially,has seen you become more expressive,more emotive,more aware of your surroundings.You run to us with hugs & kisses galore for no rhyme or reason.Although,occasionally,we have to tempt you with chocolates,your favourite Barney series,or a visit to the kiddie-zone,so that you shower us with extra doses of kisses!

You love to dress up like use my scarf to wrap around like a skirt.There have been times when you’ve tried to apply lipstick with your crayons and I’ve watched,oblivious to you of course,in wonderment at your observation.You’ve even made me wonder if becoming a beautician is what you have in mind by indulging in something like this.

‘Sorry’ was one word that you took the longest to grasp in your early stages.But now the very same word is what you use the most often.Each mischief of yours is suffixed by a ‘Sorry,mama,I’ll not do it again’!

You are also in the process of getting into the ‘tell-me-why’ phase where you have to question anything that catches your attention.

Namnam,today,when you’ve already taken your first few steps towards making your own mark in life,Papa & I would like to tell you a few things.

You may face many challenges on the way.Dont shirk from them,face them head on.Make your mistakes,and learn from them.You may even fall,but rise must you,even stronger.Know your mind.If you know you are right,stick to it.And if you know others are wrong,be known that you have every right to question them,even if they are your own parents.We will always guide you through the right path,however be assured that you will have all the freedom to make your own choices.Shape yourself the way you want to.Its not just your right,but your duty.

Molu,always know one thing,your Papa&I love you the most in the world.We are proud of you and always will be.

Happy Birthday,Ponnukutty!

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