Rambling #16- rambling gone awry!

And thats all the rambling I could churn out this month. Shail, I’m really sorry for being such a lousy player of this game! I should have known this is not my cup of tea :D. Or probably I chose the wrong time to take this up. It has been a beautiful month no doubt. One of the most memorable. But I didn’t realize that I would get so caught up with the everyday grind of things that my days would just swish past even before I could sit around to rambling about it!

Having said that, the fact is that I am truly glad that I took part in this challenge. For one, my blog was saved from the clutches of extinction :D. Whatever little distance I rode along was thoroughly enjoyable. The fact that I could just ramble on and on whatever gibberish came into my mind without being judged by anyone was in itself liberating.

I would have preferred a situation, though, where I had more time on hand to think more coherently and frame my thoughts as opposed to writing in a hurried state of mind.

And I also wish I had more time to go catch up on the posts by my fellow ramblers and others. Hope I am able to manage my blogging time better in the coming months. Looking forward to being around more often.

Thank you, Shail for letting me be a part of Rambling Challenge 🙂

february ramblings

Rambling #15

This is probably the first time in my blogging existence that I am plugging in multiple posts in a day! I’m lagging way behind the rest in this Rambling Challenge, am 10 posts short of catching up with the days I missed out. Or is it 11, considering I joined the  a day late? *Faints*  Let me try if I can make up till half way through the count at least.

Anyway, the last few days have been largely spent getting around with my parents in town, knowing the city a bit closer, visiting their friends, having some of them over to our house even.

Last few days have also been about grumbling to my parents about some of their friends for their annoyingly persistent ways to connect despite the reservations to meet them. Which made me realize that it can be tough to tolerate some people for their quirky ways, yet some relationships can manage to remain unharmed for they may deserve a better treatment than they get.

And then there are some ties which need clipping off despite your wish to hold on to them. Unfortunately last week saw one such snipping off of a relationship much against the wishes.

february ramblings


Rambling #14- decoding the F-word, the dilemma of it all

This again is more like an introspective post like many of my other posts where I seek an answer to my confusing thoughts as a parent. Now before I begin I must mention that I am one of those parents who believe in being honest and truthful to their kids, especially when it concerns their growing curiosities. I don’t like covering my child’s curiosity or doubts howsoever uncomfortable they may be with a garb of lies. I’d rather explain things to her in as appropriate for her age as possible than cook up some stories which may stub her curiosity for the moment but later on  confuse her even more if and when she comes across a finding far closer to the truth.

She and I have had chats about breasts, about giving birth and such in the past. And yet, recently when she wanted to know what the F word stood for, I found myself evading the question. I dont know if evading would be the apt term. Rejecting would be more like it I guess. I refused to tell her what it stood for and also told her in clear terms that she was not to utter the word ever to anybody. She was quick to reply though, “How will I utter the word when I don’t even know what it stands for, Amma?”

I personally am dead against mouthing cuss words. Probably because of which I panicked when I realized that my daughter was getting exposed to them and I couldn’t possibly have any control over it. Having said that, I must admit though that I did enjoy the AIB roast. But that’s besides the point 😛

Anyway, it got me mulling over and a bit critical about my own method of tackling the situation. I have been wondering whether it would be better that I deciphered it for her and explained what it meant, than letting her learn about it from elsewhere. I did ask her whether her friends from whom she got to know about ‘the word’ knew it themselves to which she said that even they were as clueless as her. To make me ponder further, the other day she came up to me asking whether raising the middle finger meant ‘that F-word’. I blurted a quick yes and left it at that. 

And now I am seriously pushed to think whether I should just decode the word to her. Should I or shouldn’t I? Frankly speaking I cannot afford to have her thinking that she cannot come to me whenever her curious mind seeks answers. But at the same time I’m not sure whether she is at the right age to know the answer yet..

february ramblings

Rambling #12

I must have been mad to think that I would be able to stay true to the game. Little did I realize that come weekend and every blogging plan of mine would turn topsy turvy. Either it would pass by feeling too lazy to move a finger or it would be too packed to gather enough energy or drive to scribble in a word.

Like it was the weekend gone by. I’m not complaining though. I love it when I’m busy. Even if it is as mere a chore as chauffeuring Namnam to and from her various classes, or hosting friends or sorting laundry or even filling umpteen forms.

That’s not to say that I don’t love being lazy. I do. I love it when I have nothing to do but sit idle and sip my tea. I love the feeling when I don’t have to rack my brains over ‘what to cook’ for now there’s Ma to do the racking ;)! Even now, as I cook up this post, Ma is in the kitchen cooking up a yummilicious lunch for us 😀

2 hours have passed by already since I typed in the last line. In between I took a swing around Namnam’s school to drop one of her friends for a dance rehearsal, came back, had lunch and burped even. And now I am again gearing up to go back for the next round of school run.

Befor I do that I need to finish this senseless rambling.

So to come back to the state of being busy, I love it when my time is well occupied with many things on hand. Yes I do feel tired. Yes, there are times when I feel like pausing and taking a deep breath before continuing with my rigmarole. But I cannot understand the need to crib about it.  I guess I am not busy enough to be truly understanding of the psyche behind such exasperation.

Time to scoot now. Busy or not off I go.

Till  I am back, its bye bye!