I did it!!

I finally pulled off a Princess Cake for my princess. Yes I did it! I cant tell you all how happy I am with this li’l achievement of mine. Yes it is no less an achievement for me because I didnt think I could pull this off. Honestly I didnt. Baking a princess cake was a complex task in itself for me so I was pretty much sure I will goof up and I almost did too. But I really really wanted to give this cake a shot, for my daughter who had been insisting on having one for a long long time.

Smitha, I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I know how much I have pestered you in the last one week with my constant mails, smses, and calls. But I’m glad those pesterings bore fruit :). The cake doesnt look half as good as what you made though, but Namnam was all smiles when she saw the cake and that makes me really happy 🙂

Before heading off to join R & Namnam to cut the cake, let me share with you all, a snap of my li’l attempt :).

EDITED TO ADD: Those who want to know how to make a princess cake, head straight to Smitha’s blog post where she has explained the method in detail 🙂