Friday the 13th

The title has nothing to do with the infamous significance attached to the day. Or maybe it has. I’m just short on words and ideas to post today. Even a good title evades me. It’s a weekend, so that should explain my mind-freeze.

Since I have challenged myself that I will post something everyday, I try not to break the momentum.

You know, as I write this post, my mind keeps going back to the title. Friday, the 13th. Till a few minutes back it hadn’t struck me what the date implied. But now as I look up the internet to get some insight, it gets unsettling. It’s strange how superstitions can mould your thinking. It reminds me of the time, some 2 decades ago, when lord Ganesha had drunk milk and the entire nation had got completely swept in by the incident. Obviously, people realized later that there was some scientific explanation to the whole phenomenon. But the few weeks that the incident managed to hold all those believers’ interest were no less stupefying.

Such is the power of superstition I guess. You just get pulled in to it like a whirlpool.

Anyway there’s just about 15 minutes left before this day is over. And I need to take the cursor to the publish button if I intend to stick to my word. So publish it is, even if the post is gibberish.